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Cities of Darkscorch History pt. 1
February 12, 2014, 4:10 pm
Filed under: Darkscorch Canticles, Methodology


As we inch closer to the release of Numero’s first board game, we felt it might be of interest to start piecing together the history of how the Cities of Darkscorch game came to be.

Often, on one of the many Numero road trips, Ken Shipley and Judson Picco would pass the hours playing a monstrous version of Trivial Pursuit that they had cobbled together from various editions found at thrift stores.  While playing this, the idea of Numeral Pursuit was born. An early sketch found in Shipley’s notebook shows a 4×4 “TP” style board, a pull apart box, card deck boxes, and most interesting, a small record crate which would fit the six 45 shaped playing pieces.

numero tp q1Picco even went so far as to mock up a card with the following categories: Eccentric Soul, Cult Cargo, Wayfaring Strangers, Good God!, Local Customs, and Numero Group. Although this is as far as Numeral Pursuit got, the board game idea still existed in the back of our minds.

While coming up with ideas for bonus items to include with our Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles release, the thought of including a bonus 45 packaged with a custom Dungeons & Dragons styled campaign booklet came up, and this is where things truly went went off the rails.  From here, the question was raised “…can we make a board game?”  The answer of course, was yes!



An early-stage drawing shows a 9×9 game board, a pull apart box, a pencil, an interlocking flag board and a D&D styled Dungeon Master screen housing the liner notes for the release. Using a litany of favorite games as a source of inspiration, resident nerd Dustin Drase jumped in at this point to helm the creation of the actual game mechanics.

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