Numero Group: By The Numbers

Darkscorch Quotables
March 17, 2014, 10:16 am
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Who knew the world would enjoy metal’s primitive beginnings so much? If you’re not convinced by the free stream of the entire album, let these voices coax your wallet free.

“Must-have reissue.”—Sunday Times 

“As altars go, there’s plenty to worship.”—Pitchfork

” At the core of it all is the youthful unrest of small-town life and the liberating power—even if it’s fleeting—of rock and roll.”—Paste

“The awesomeness of such a thing is self-explanatory, really.”—Spin

“Heavy, woozy, but still fascinating, a salute to a sound and aesthetic that was going deeper underground before its later recovery and mutations.”—The Quietus

“We should praise Sauron that Numero Group have proven brave enough to bring this mighty haul of rough-hewn rock to light.”—Mojo

Featuring 16 dope-huffing, Hobbit-humping, one-off rock bands from the late, great 1970s.”—Vice

“Low-budget occult organ prog epicry, and uber-distorted riff-rockin’, and spaced out downer rock balladry, and badass boogie in Satan’s service.—Aquarius

We’ve still got the deluxe edition available, but don’t wait and think you’ll have your summer BBQ game available at the last minute.

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