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iO9 digs into Darkscorch
April 7, 2014, 3:15 pm
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Every part of this masterfully works toward the same aesthetic, the maps and the cards and the album cover and the amazing sweaty band photos, it’s all like hanging out with the guys in metal shop in 1978, then taking off in your Camaro to score some weed/Grand Funk tickets.

ImageRecently, the fine folks from iO9 broke down our veil of secrecy to peer into the inner workings of the Cities of Darkscorch.

So, what to make of this epic slab of ancient metal and early days D&D art with a rock band questing board game? The music is wicked, especially if you can never get enough bombastic guitar riffs. The game, to be honest, looks as rough around the edges as the music sounds – a sort of throwback weekend binge with notebook scrawled cards and rules that will make more sense once you’re high.

All things considered, with this being our first foray into game design, we’re pretty proud of the way this turned out and will be posting more in depth game play analysis as the finished pieces arrive.  In the interim, you can read iO9’s full piece here, and also enjoy this photo of lead game designer Dustin Drase and a Unicorn.



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are those 45 plugs? Do you get some when you buy the LP? I am buying the LP anyways 😉

Comment by

The 45 adapters are only available when you buy the deluxe edition.

Comment by numerogroup

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. Henceforth I will have no further use for my eyes, as all they can possibly alight upon will be inferior.

Comment by 1537

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