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Stream Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label
April 14, 2014, 2:04 pm
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During the Decade of Way Out (1962-1972), the little label on the Eastside had a pretty high hit-to-miss ratio. Perhaps this was due to the caliber of musician wandering Cleveland in the late ’60s. Perhaps it was the eye for quality possessed by Way Out cosmonauts Lester Johnson and Bill Branch. Perhaps it was vision; while Motown was peddling “The Sound of Young America,” Way Out principals were trying to concoct something that the nation’s youth could grow in to. Is Way Out the mature Motown that never grew up? Here’s an idea: Why don’t you listen to the entirety of Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label and decide for yourself. Tracks 1 through 40 constitute the mighty recordings included on the 3LP/2CD set; tracks +1 through +11 constitute the bonus LP available to you, if you preorder here. Listen to all of it here, now, for free, on our Soundcloud page. Dissect and diagram as me might, we feel the songs of Way Out speak for them self. What it is that they’re saying exactly, is open to interpretation.

Stream Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label 

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