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The Land Of Lincoln: What $5 Gets You On RSD
April 17, 2014, 2:03 pm
Filed under: Record Store Day

Historic Comfort Station

Saturday morning at 9am, we will unlocked the doors of Logan Square’s comfort station and let Chicagoland’s record collectors hack away at several thousand pieces of new, used, and lightly abused merchandise. There are boxes and boxes of $1 dusties, plus meatier morsels of high-quality stock. For ballers on a budget, here is a smattering of things you can buy for just $5:


Compact Discs: A few of our favorites have become Super Saver titles: Boscoe sounds like it looks, Recording Tap is a sophisticated disco odyssey, Brotherman is Blaxploitation seduction with slacker production, and Los Nombres is a solid Latin soul decathlon. At $5, these are low-risk entry points into these curious corners of the Numero catalog.


All mainline 45s: Take a waltz through the 45 section of our website. All those 45s you see will be $5.


“Even those gorgeous picture sleeve Purple Snow 45s?” Yes, those.


Disco 12s:  The last time Jackie Stoudemire’s “Invisible Wind” sold on the world wide web, it did so to the tune of nearly $500. Its a beautiful song, and it deserves a wider audience than this price point allows. Come get one and absolutely SHOCK the dancers at your local discotheque.

Other 12s are available, and similar results are likely.

See you there!


Numero Pop-Up Store

The Comfort Station, Logan Square

2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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