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Going Back To Columbus

You don’t name your label Numero without some interest in symmetry amongst your sprawling catalog numbers, and alert listeners will have probably already picked up on a few patterns. But nothing could be more symbolic than our release number 051, where we return to the scene of  release 001 to clean up. As any of our listeners already know, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label is our best loved and most timeless release.

Capsoul Label-500x500


We’ve done quite a bit for the legacy of Capsoul since that humble beginning. Besides the surprising success of the release, the most heard songs have appeared in a myriad of other media. The songs from the Capsoul label have appeared in many movies (In The Mix, Who Killed The Electric Car, and Diggers), television programs (How I Met Your Mother, Weeds, Queer As Folk, Low Winter Sun, Psych), and advertisements (most notable the Blackberry commercial from 2013). That amounts to millions of people hearing (if only in passing) what had been a largely forgotten catalog of great soul music. These ongoing successes also managed to shine a bright light on some of that collections oversights.


Capitol City Soul paints a more detailed picture of what was really going on in Columbus, Ohio from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. It starts before Capsoul, with groups like The Soul Partners and The Chandlers, and continues on past Capsoul’s untimely demise, following artists like The Kool Blues, The Four Mints, Dean Francis, and Jeff Smith through the later dimensions of their unsung careers. All of this material was unearthed in the ten years since our Capsoul project launched the label, and almost all of it was previously unreleased (or at least barely known.) While it may not have the fanfare of the original release, it was a truly unique document that only Numero (and co-producer Dante Carfagna) could ever be in a position to unearth. Pre-order now for early shipping!

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Jeff Smith was a good friend of mine when I lived in Columbus in the late 70s. He gave me a 45 with “Back Home Again” on one side and “The Hidden Secret” on the other. I have lost track of him and, given that I’ve had 6 friends named “Jeff Smith,” it’s not likely that I’ll ever find him… 😦

Comment by Russell M. Schwartz

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