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MPLS Punk-Funk Mystery Solved!
July 22, 2014, 12:11 pm
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Considered a cold case by Numero standards, the band at the center of 2013’s “Punk Break on a Funk Tape” mystery has been identified! Using the crowd-sourcing platform that is the “Twin Cities Music Scene ’70’s-’80’s” page on Facebook, a Minneapolis native named Dave Chisholm chimed in with the answer to our riddle:

Ha! I can answer this, I helped record it with Bob at the church on 28th. “A Sacred Version” was the name of the band (a project really). Caleb Palmiter playing a right handed guitar left handed and these two weird English guys who were around for a year or so, Bob and Steve. Steve did not play anything, he was a Malcolm Mclaren wanna be. Bob (Vox) was a pure and dangerous sociopath. How funny to see it turn up in a Quiet Storm graveyard.

Ivan Daniel had the second best perspective on this project:

Steve Mattacott and Bob Beard from Plymouth. (uk). They came over to visit Theresa Downing and I and stayed on causing trouble. Yeah, Dave. Bobby was a bit of a psycho. real “sexy beast” fellow. They were old school skinheads who then decided they were the “punk elite” (no shit, their term!!) Ha!!

Thanks again Minneapolis!

For more tall tales and rebel pop permutations from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, check out Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound On 2CDs or 4LPs from Numero Group

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