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Allow Them To Reintroduce Themselves: Little Boy Blues
July 28, 2014, 12:56 pm
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Even by The Black Album standards, “Public Service Announcement (Interlude)” is monstrous. Situated all the way back at Track 10, Just Blaze constructed Jigga’s arena rap anthem using large swaths of “Seed Of Love” by Chicago psych rock band, Little Boy Blues.

After a handful of successful singles, Fontana Records commissioned In The Woodland Of Weir in 1968. On cover, Little Boy Blues posed among articles that relate to song titles, just out of view from the highway that skirted the Skokie Lagoons.


As The Black Album had alleged, In the Woodland Of Weir was in fact Little Boy Blues’s final album. If they’d produced a resurrection LP a la  Kingdom Come, it would have no doubt begun with the unreleased “Nothing Left To Say,” which itself seems ripe for a Just Blaze production. Slapped on the B-side of Numero’s ode to Little Boy Blues is the reworked album cut, “Mr. Tripp Wouldn’t Listen,” featuring 17-year-old Frank Biner, an R&B vocalist who bolted at session’s end to pursue a career in California. Housed in a gorgeous pic sleeve, this 7-inch provides an encore for Little Boy Blues fans who want more.

P.S. Guitarist Peter Pollack wound up in Morning After, featured in the Eccentric Soul Omnibus.

Bonus: Just Blaze on the Making Of “Public Service Announcement (Interlude)”


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Married to band member Peter Pollok in 1973.
Would like to have more information. Where was this photograph obtained from? Who has original contract of the recording?

Comment by treklouie

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