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The Missing Link In Your Music of the Philippines Collection
August 1, 2014, 12:11 pm
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Just when you thought our releases couldn’t get anymore obscure… If you’re not already a fan of ethnic/field recordings, let us warn you—it’s a slippery slope. The intimacy and simplicity of a high-quality field recording is unrivaled, and once you develop a taste for musical expression in the raw, it can become habit forming. In fact, our Numerophon imprint was established to pick up where the iconic Folkways Records left off, to satiate our own desires to consume sounds from all corners of the globe. Music From The Mountain Provinces was slated for release on Folkways, inhibited only by founder Moses Asch’s passing in 1986. So it is with great pride that we bring into being these unique and beautiful recordings, captured in the most remote regions of the Philippines in the mid-’80s. To answer several of your inquiries at once, there are plans to issue more recordings from the archives of David Blair Stiffler so stay tuned.

Music From the Mountain Provinces is shipping RIGHT NOW from our webstore, and should begin arriving in shops worldwide September 2nd.

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