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David Blair Stiffler Does Good Work
September 29, 2014, 11:03 am
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When you were coming of age, did you think you were so special that one day you would do something exceptional with your life? Perhaps write The Great American Novel Greeting Card Blog or conjure up some composite occupation, blending the itinerary of Indiana Jones with the intentions of Mother Teresa? Even if we all had followed our dreams to the end of the Earth, chances are we’d be a bore compared to David Blair Stiffler. For here is a man who dedicated his life to documenting humanity. In essence, the sounds we make and how we make them. The geographical coordinates tend toward the under-documented and remote; places where mosquitoes take prisoners and AAA denies TripTiks. Stiffler’s website,, goes deep into his released and unreleased discography, and doubles as an online store that sells many of the featured instruments. The Baule (a trumpet from the Ivory Coast) is already sold, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing a flute from Burkino Faso. Our Numerophon imprint just released his recordings from the Philippines, Music From The Mountain Provinces. Below are some other albums Stiffler sent home, auditory postcards, and we pun, “Wish you would hear!”

“Music of the Haut Oyapok River: Brazil & French Guyana”
Documentary of the Oyampi & Ermillion Indian Tribes.
Folkways Records FE 4235 , New York 1981
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“The Palicour Indians of the Arucua River Brazil”
Documentary Recording. Folkways Records FE 4238, New York 1982
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“Music of the Miskito Indians Of Honduras and Nicaragua”
Documentary Recording. Folkways FE 4237, New York 1981.
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“Traditional African Ritual Music Of Guyana”
Documentary Recording of Queh Queh songs.
Folkways Records FE 4238, New York 1982
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“Coastal Amerindians: The Arawak, Carib and Warrau”
Folkways Records FE 4239, New York 1982
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“The Vanishing Indians: Maya & Kekchi Of Belize and Guatemala”
Lyrichord LLST 7371, New York 1983.

“Music of the Pipil Indians of El Salvador ”
Folkways FE 4244, New York 1983
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“Folk Music Of Honduras and Nicaragua, Songs Of Patria”
Lyrichord LLST 7364, New York 1984

“The Vanishing Indians: Costa Rica and Panama Tribes of the Talamanca Division”
Lyrichord LLST, New York 1984

“Music of the Indians of Panama; The Cuna (Tule) and Choco (Embera) Tribes”
Ethnic Folkways Records FE 4326, New York 1983
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

“Lowland Tribes of Ecuador”
Ethnic Folkways Records FE 4375, New York 1986
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.30.18 PM

(Pictured: the Ethnix brick-and-mortar location, in the wilds of New York City at 636 Broadway)

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