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Rob Sevier on Dublab
January 13, 2015, 12:26 pm
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Rob Sevier received the Southwest Fare-Saver email and unlike the rest of us, he pulled the trigger, escaping Chicago on the eve of -35 degree wind chill factors that cancelled not one but two days of school. Since, he’s been traipsing around picturesque Los Angeles, doing all manners of cool things, like playing records at Dublab. If you are unaware, Dublab is a great internet radio station that offers a sun-soaked, Kodachrome glimpse into the musical culture of greater Los Angeles. You can actually feel the heat coming out of the speaker (citation needed)!



Curtis, the Brothers – You Make Everything Better – Bell
Levi McNeal – I Like Your Stuff – Stompey
The Standing Ovation – C.G.O. – Raja
Aphrodite’s Child – Funky Mary – Mercury
Muse – Sunshine Road – Nova
Family Man – Gideon’s High – Gideon
Nadie La Fond – Three Way Situation – Yolk
Aguabella – I Wanna Know – Epsilon
Iron Force – Sweet Poison – AMG
The Care Package – The Storm – Jocelynn
Universal Togetherness Band – Ain’t Gonna Cry – Numero
Universal Togetherness Band – Try, Try, Try – Numero
Gloria Ann Taylor – Love Is A Hurting Thing – Selector Sound
Just Us – Now – Tonce
The Relatives – More Time – Archway
Small Society – Just Loving You – Cadde

Listen or Download at


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