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Grammy Wrap-Up
February 10, 2015, 2:51 pm
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As you may have gathered from our social media feeds, we have been embroiled in a Grammy race for the past few months, which ended in a whimper more so that a band for our staff losers. As they say, “It is a honor just to be nominated.” But what we lacked in eventual statuettes, we made up for in fantastic functions with friends young and old. Here are the highlights.

Thursday: Funkmosphere

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.16.42 PM

For fans of synthesized funk, there is no better showroom that Los Angeles’s Funkmosphere. Our own Purple Snowman Jon Kirby joined Peanut Butter Wolf and Seattle’s 100 Proof for short/sweet sets of personal favorites. Honorable mention to Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Kyle Mooney (SNL), and Wilder Zoby (Chin Chin/Run the Jewels) for their patronage.


Friday: Dublab and P4K Radio

It’s fun to get on the radio and talk about our records and other records and all the records in between. On Dublab’s Analogue Players Club, we discussed Grammy contenders Purple Snow and Cities of Darkscorch, and played an assortment of motivational musics from the collision of the ’70s and ’80s.


Later in the day, we scaled the Ace Hotel to play selections from upcoming releases. Can you listen to these online? Maybe. We’ll update this link when we confirm.


Saturday: Chicago Party Screening at Cinefamily

Cinefamily is great place to watch a movie, and a satisfying place to screen one. We retuned to the scene of the Ski Bum debacle for the world premiere of Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party. Hearing folks applaud along with 1980s patrons of the CopHerBox II was a nice sensation. Due to luggage restrictions, we were only able to secure passage for 12 copies of the Chicago Party LP. Those evaporated almost instantly, and we spent the rest of the evening apologizing. To all those who we couldn’t accommodate, your records are in the mail!


Sunday: The Grammys 

The Grammys start early for folks in the nether categories of Best Album Notes or Best Packaging. The doors opened at noon and we were cleared of all accolades by 1pm. As we had mostly assumed The Rise And Fall of Paramount Records took the statuette for Packaging. Seconds later, John Coltrane’s Offering: Live At Temple University usurped Purple Snow. Presented without comment is the Philadelphia Weekly campaign for Purple Snow, plus a preemptive apology to “‘Trane Riders” (#LOL—ed). We spotted Lemmy, Weird Al, and John Waters.


At the evening ceremony, we saw Jimmy Jam walking through the crowd. Once we identified ourselves as cleans-up-nicely versions of the shabby executes he’d met years back. He shouted back, “Did we win?!” and could only shrug when we delivered the bad news. Guess we’ll have to make another one! Otherwise, we saw everything you saw on TV, and a little more. Are we “happy” to be back in Chicago? Let’s just say we’re glad we bought these beanies.


Sincerely, The Numero Group 


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