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Andre Gibson After Universal Togetherness Band
February 20, 2015, 3:52 pm
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When the Universal Togetherness Band finally called it quits in 1984, Andre Gibson continued to compose and record music in his home studio. Chicago’s indigenous dance music, Steppers, was taking root and Gibson got in on the ground level. Although the Universal Togetherness Band never released a sliver of vinyl over the course of their life span, Gibson has flourished in the age of CD Baby. We are not just saying this; Andre Gibson’s new music is awesome. Here are a few highlights.


To Be Continued (2011) The first drop of contemporary Andre Gibson music I heard was “Calling Steppers To The Floor,” en route to Bloomington, Indiana for a holiday party. The punch of the drums, the twinkle of the keys, and the posse of multiple personality vocals make this a gripping opener, but the album never loses momentum. If Teddy Riley was reincarnated as Dam-Funk and had Ariel Pink aid in recording a demo, it might sound like To Be Continued.

Search as I may through the Adobe Creative Suite manual, I can not figure out how the Chiat Records design team was able to to render this cover image with the cursor arrow on screen (check the hat).  Moving along…


Let’s Getaway (2013) There may be no harder Andre Gibson track than “I Love It,” which has also been released as a single. Ingredients: A groove you could park an 18-wheeler in, an 8-bit tambourine (trampled and sampled), the perfect electric piano patch, a hook, natural and artificial percussion.

Nowhere is the improved fidelity of Let’s Getaway more evident than on “Una Pachanga.” The synth-bass pops out of the mix like spring-loaded snakes in a peanut brittle can, while the vocoder mocks you for trying to sing along.

The musical concepts expressed on Universal Togetherness Band is some of the most innovative material we’ve had the occasion to discover, and we would be disappointed if a musician like Andre Gibson ever truly called it quits. There’s already a new album underway for 2015, so stay tuned for more modern transmissions from UTB frontman Andre Gibson.

The the progressive dance music of the Universal Togetherness Band is available at

The new sounds of Andre Gibson are available at

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