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Lyrics To Go – Universal Togetherness Band
March 12, 2015, 1:21 pm
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We’ve all experienced the stunted excitement of having a great song stuck in your head that you don’t quite know the lyrics to. While discussing this sensation with Andre Gibson of the Universal Togetherness Band, the singer-songwriter confessed that most of his compositions already had lyric sheets, type-written on company letterhead during the time of conception. We are happy to share with you some of the lyrical genius of the Universal Togetherness Band.

“Saturday Night” Pt.1



There are some pretty trite songs in the marketplace about partying. But the scene Andre depicts here rank among the best of the night-specific party anthems. These are step-by-step instructions for invoking a festive atmosphere. And we’re not here to tell you how to do your job, but if you happen to DJ, on a Saturday night, why wouldn’t you want Andre Gibson coaching your crowd at 120 beats per minute? Buy this 7-inch. On the flip? See below…

“More Than Enough” Pt. 1MoreThanEnough


The music video for “More Than Enough” is a pretty literal enactment of these tender lyrics. We’re not going to over analyze these metered rhymes, because obviously “Your love is more than enough for me/Your love is everything I need” is simple, succinct, and arguably perfect.

“Taken By Love”



The astro-sexuality of “Taken By Love” recalls George Duke’s funky monolog “Space Lady” set to an aggressive punk-funk beat. The conversational narrative between Andre and the female protagonist as they take a midnight flight along the Milky Way reaches a real crescendo with the  repeated plea: “Baby won’t you take me riding/over in your love mobile?”

“I Want You”



A strong contender for greatest Numero Group wedding song, “I Want You” is so mellow and elegant, it was the perfect way to conclude our compilation. On a purely musical note, pay special attention to Andre’s gymnastic runs up the vibraphone, an instrument he studied during his time at Chicago Vocational School in the early ’70s.

Bonus Track: “Real Thrill” 

In actuality, “Real Thrill” was the song that started this entire quest. The words I was able to pick out all carried positive connotations (happiness, laughter, dreams). When you put them all together, “Real Thrill” is a beautifully abstract manifest on taking positivity and making more positivity, through music.

“Real Thrill” 

Verse I:
The thrill is real we feel
We’ll pass it on to you,
You know this world,
Can stand some happiness.
And when we pass you the thrill
You’ll ride it like a star___,
Takes you flying to a place where, moments are___
Filled with laughter, rainbow colors,
Takes your breath away.
Golden voices ask you,
Would you like to stay__.
Yes I would, I truly would,
This got to be a dream__.
But your heart will surely tell you
What it means.
And we hope you find what we did,
So you can rejoice__
Then your thrill will be real,
You can, Pass it on___,
To another, who would like to,
Feel a Real Thrill,
Who can spread the message, back into the world

Come and check how it feels
It’s The Real Thrill__.
Come and check how it feels,
It’s the Real Thrill___.
Come and check how it feels, ’cause it’s,
Com’in Thru__.

Look out, yoo-hoo,
It’s the Real Thrill
Com’in Thru.
Repeat 4’xs

Repeat chorus: 3’xs

Modulate (Piano solo)

Chorus: Vamp out

©1980 Andre Gibson

Purchase Universal Togetherness Band here: 

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