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The Chicago Party’s Top 10 Tenderonies
March 23, 2015, 10:26 am
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During the editing, vetting, and researching processes for Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party, we watched A LOT of footage from the CopHerBox II archives. But with increased familiarity, a few of us began to develop a unique fondness for some of the elite ladies who attended these 1982 tapings. Only being two years of age during The Chicago Party 23-week run, I felt like I should commemorate some top-tier contenders for Miss Chicago Party.

#1 Veronique


Veronique appeared almost weekly on The Chicago Party, emceeing frequent fashion shows by local designer Carolyn Peoples. During the same period, Veronique was also a radio personality on influential frequency, WBMX. In my opinion, Veronique is the complete package—gorgeous, stylish, charismatic, PLUS, a WBMX profile from the era reveals her to be have been a high school basketball star, and a graduate of the University of Guadalajara [so she’s fluent in Spanish]. There was lots of lovely people running around the CopHerBox II, but Veronique’s profile plus active role in The Chicago Party gives her top billing.



#2 This Woman


This is where things get a little difficult. Unless you were a performer on The Chicago Party, your identity remains obscured. So what name do we put on each individual tenderoni trophy? Returning from a commercial break, this woman is immediately striking, but her attitude and full-eye-contact camera antics score off the chart on the personality meter. These rankings could fluctuate a little, but it always makes me happy to see this particular lady doing her thing.


#3 Sorta Southside Lady Miss Kier


This woman’s oversized jewelry, asymmetrical retrodelic hairdo, and lime-sherbert evening wear seem like something that Deee-Lite’s leading lady might have fashioned for herself were she ten years older and 100% more African-American. This lady’s moves are kind of understated as well. In terms of ranking, this could be an upset in the making.


#4 Rainbow Dancer


This certified dime can be seen dancing with a tall/dark/handsome gentleman who could be mistaken for Alexander O’Neal (who did record in Chicago in 1982). A trippy close-up reveals that this patron’s complexion to be flawless.


#5 Tie: MC2


It’s a matter of Lennon/McCartney taste/opinion which of MC2’s breathy vocalists is the most fine.





Verdict: Too close to call.

#6 Terry Gengis’s Back Up Dancer


When Terry Gengis arrived at the CopHerBox II to mime his MCA single “Ooh Sha Sha,” he had two tenders in tow (which we’re told was not uncommon). The Mary Jane Girl-meets-Mariah Carey look is working for this lady, who decorates Terry’s set with this controlled hippy shake.



#7 Nicest Smile


A nice smile can go a long way. That’s why you should apologize to your parents for being a brat about getting braces in middle school. Wearing a retainer paid off for this patron, who just seems like an all-around fun lady to hang out with.


#8 Leather Pants


Here’s yet another example of Chicago Party producers using compelling shots and engaging scenes to return from commercial break. This attendee’s nonchalant twist make her seem like she should be dancing at a loft party, only to be discovered by David Bowie.


#9 Rainbow Dancer #2


I don’t have to tell you that this woman is beautiful.

#10 Could Actually Be #1

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.48.30 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.55.58 PM



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Alot of pretty contenders. I would have been nine years old around the time this aired.

Comment by Soultaker

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