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Our Irregularly Scheduled Flowgram
March 26, 2015, 10:36 am
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When issues arise with a dinged corner, a scratched record, or a bubbly label, we try and offer top-notch customer service, quickly and efficiently. But the last week has been busier than usual with thousands of copies of Scharpling & Wurster: The Best Of The Best Show leaving our new warehouse. So if you tweeted us about something and we did not respond immediately, it’s because we were doing this:

IMG_0908All the packages you see with craft tape on them are ready to go. Those without craft tape need craft tape or all of the guts would fall out.


Here’s the other thing: The United States Postal Service fully hates us. Although we were following protocol and scheduling pick ups like dutiful customers, after filling our 25th mail van to the ceiling, our local branch blocked our number. We’ve remained on hold with customer service until the batteries in our cordless phone died on several occasions. It’s no use. So we rented this truck and all day we just fill it with packages and drive it to the central post office.


Each time we fill the truck, we drive it downtown and unload it at Chicago’s main postal facility. It goes on to that metal dolly and then it goes to you.


Then we drive it back to the new office and fill it back up with copies of Scharpling & Wurster: The Best Of The Best Show.


Tomorrow morning, this palette will filled with box sets again, which we will drive downtown again. Then they’ll bring them to you (assuming you ordered one).


We’re going to keep doing this until every last one of you has every last one of your items. So if you emailed us or messaged us or tweeted us (or all three), give us a day or two. We’re all hands on deck on behalf of The Best Show because these things are gorgeous, hilarious, they need happy homes, and plus we’re running out of cassettes to listen to.

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I got mine and it’s exquisite.

Comment by David Bellard

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