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A New Sleeve, A New 45: George Kerr and Funka Fize


While assembling the Eccentric Soul Omnibus in 2012, we’d hoped to include “Because You’re Funky” b/w “No Words” by Funka Fize. One of the most obscure items in super-duper-producer George Kerr’s massive catalog, biographical information on the group proved elusive. “They were friends of my wife’s brother,” and “They’re from somewhere in Alabama” does not make for an interesting read. Kerr was able to recount the Rolls-Royce he purchased with his first royalty check, which served as inspiration for the Royce Records imprint (and the crudely drawn logo, for that matter). Perhaps Funka Fize will see this very post, write us, send us their unreleased album on quarter-inch tape (stored in a climate controlled environment, naturally). For now we have this mighty single, which might still fit in your Omnibus (of which 5 remain).

Purchase Because You’re Funky b/w “No Words” by Funka Fize here. 

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