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Way Back Wednesday: RSDs of Yore
April 15, 2015, 1:50 pm
Filed under: Record Store Day

As we prepare for Record Store Day 2015, its encouraging to look back on all of the Record Store Days that we’ve survived. Here is a rundown of April triumphs for the Numero Group.

2012: We hosted a pop-up shop at the Empty Bottle, the very place that Bedhead: Live In Chicago was recorded.


2013: We released the Giant Henry (see: Unwound) LP with three juvenile cover variations, and minted a round of small-batch mix tapes with our own young mugs on them.


RSD TAPE - all

We were so excited about the approaching afternoon at the Comfort Station, we sunk an entire day into making this absurd COMFORT STATION ANIMATION.

2012: We made a fake radio station compilation (WTNG: Solid Bronze) for a fake radio station (WTNG 89.9) on our fake label (Numbero). Other than that, everything about this album was fairly real.


2013: We made an impostor picture disc for some remarkable 24-Carat Black songs that were omitted from our 24-Carat Black album due to tape deterioration.


2011: We issued Pressed At Boddie, which gathered some of the more interesting sweepings from the Boddie archives. We ordered 300 tapes, ten of them gold. Everyone who found that golden tape got awarded an exclusive 45 (otherwise, only available at our Wicker Park pop-up). Here are a few of the victors.

golden tape 2Golden Tape 1

The song was so good, we made this silly video with legos.

The outside of that pioneering Wicker Park pop-up looked like this:

The Numero Shop Opening Line

The inside looked like this (and we looked 4 RSDs younger):

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