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(1) Personal Item: The Numero Group’s Custom Record Bag
May 7, 2015, 1:28 pm
Filed under: Eccentric Soul 45s


Fits under most airplane seats. A vital asset for anyone on the DJ spectrum, from dilettante to professional. For some, it’s the ideal item for when you’re casually splitting a night with a few friends. For others, its a supplement to your other, much less-stylish bags. Whatever your category, this is the bag of record for the discerning 45 collector, for whom form and function are woven seamlessly into one. Sturdily constructed in Nashville by Tucker & Bloom with such confidence that T&B promises a lifetime warranty. Here are the specs: (1) waterproof ballistic nylon (yep, the same stuff made for those heroes in WW2) outside, (2) a shoulder strap with real Shearling wool, soft as the hearts of sucker DJs, (3) a rugged handle made of pure hand-tanned American leather, the same kind cowboys use, (4) two side pouches for your carefully-selected headphones and cartridge case, (5) a small zipper-secured pocket, perfectly sized for your passport, Platinum card, and a few capsules of molly, and (6) a Burgundy-hued inner sanctum where your rare singles are luxuriated in the velveteen-lining and secured with brass hardware. Holds between 70 and 100 7″ records, variable based on how hot the heat contained therein.

personal-item-fits-under-most-airplane-seats-3Personal Item – Oversized Edition
For an additional $120, you can also choose the Oversized Edition, wherein we will ship you a copy of every in print 45 (currently 38 titles) that we have here at the Numero HQ. At barely over $3 each, it’s truly a collection boosting opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

NUM052.5 Ned DohenyGet It Up for Love b/w What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me
ES-001 RollersKnockin’ At The Wrong Door b/w One Little Piece
ES-002 Eddie RayWait A Minute b/w Wait A Minute (Instrumental)
ES-003 M.A.S.O.Poon Tang Thump Part 1 b/w Part 2
ES-004 Renaldo DominoI’ll Get You Back b/w Two Years, Four Days
ES-005 TriadsNow I Can Hold My Head Up High b/w If You’re Looking For Love
ES-006 WeeTry Me b/w Teach Me How
ES-007 Ant Hill MobThe Number Runner
ES-012 Four MintsNo Longer b/w Endlessly
ES-013 Deacons & Fabulous Fascinators feat. the Royal RevueSock It To Me b/w Is It Because I’m Black
ES-018 Penny & the QuartersYou and Me b/w Some Other Love
ES-019 Reverb LTDPlease Love Me
ES-027 Memphis SoulDon’t Down Me People Pt. 1 b/w Pt. 2
ES-028 Sidney Barnes/Lovejoy ProductionsThe Ember Song b/w Greyhound Jingles
ES-029 Renee AckerIf I Had A Magic Wand
ES-030 Signs of the TimeHurts So Bad b/w I Think Of You
ES-031 NotationsI’m For Real b/w That Girl
ES-032 James DockeryMy Faith In You Is All Gone b/w Giving You The Love You Need
ES-033 Brown Bombers & Soul PartnersWait For Me b/w Just Fun
ES-034 Calvin HarrisLoves Recipe b/w Wives Get Lonely Too
ES-035 Young SoulsQuit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come b/w Puppet On A String
ES-037 94 EastIf You See Me b/w Games
ES-038 Herman JonesI Love You b/w I’m Broke
ES-039 Master Plan Inc.Try It (You’ll Like It) b/w Intro
ES-040 Unnatural Funk BandStrange Happenings b/w Living In The Past
ES-041 Bump and The Soul StompersI Can Remember b/w Standing On The Outside
ES-043 Out of SightsTears Don’t Care Who Cries b/w For The Rest Of My Life
TWI-102 George McGregor & the BronzettesTemptation Is Hard To Fight b/w Everytime I Wake Up
TWI-104 StormyThe Devastator b/w I Won’t Stop To Cry
TWI-112 MystiquesSo Good To Have You Home Again b/w Put Out The Fire
TWI-114 Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller Street GangSoul Strokes b/w Remind Me
TWI-126 PerfectionsWhich One Am I b/w Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad
TWI-128 Renaldo DominoNot Too Cool To Cry b/w Nevermore
TWI-131 KaldironsYou And Me Baby b/w To Love Someone (That Don’t Love You)
TWI-132 Annette PoindexterWayward Dream b/w Mama
TWI-135 Chuck & MacPowerful Love b/w The Bear
TWI-142 Pieces Of PeacePass It On Pt. 1 b/w Pt. 2
TWI-156 Nate EvansPardon My Innocent Heart b/w Main Squeeze

Please note: this release does not include an audio download.

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