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Anthony Bourdain in Deep City
May 22, 2015, 12:31 pm
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In a recent episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain travels to Miami. Even the locals down at Miami New Times admitted that Bourdain mostly got it right here. Despite marquee contributors Iggy Pop and Questlove being distinctly not-from-’round-here, we were all delighted to see deeper recruits from Magic City, among them Willie Clarke, whose Deep City label was the focus of not one but two compilations in our Eccentric Soul series. It was cool to see bass mechanic and friend-of-the-label Otto Von Schirach talking shop, and who could not delight in freaky tales with Uncle Luke? Deep City songbird Helene Smith offers a few moments of a cappella magic, making this a very digestible episode of Parts Unknown. CNN has a pretty rich overview of the episode at their website (and a few tasty samples), but no streaming video. Check your local listings (and any sketchy streaming sites you frequent), because it looks like this thing is showing again on Sunday at 8pm on CNN.

Watch Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown on DirecTV

Watch Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown on Xfinity 

It’s also on Netflix

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