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Back For the Thirdst Time: Reintroducing Boscoe
June 5, 2015, 1:06 pm
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Boscoe’s self-titled masterpiece is important. As a Chicago company, it is our civic duty to keep records like Boscoe in circulation. When silence falls in an elevator full of Midwestern record collectors, “How about that Boscoe record?” is likely to elicit a response from someone. Boscoe is the prototypical local record that “used to turn up” but has “gotten harder.” A fraction of 1% of those polled are likely to have had one at one time, but had to let it go once the market pushed the long-player into the four-figure range. A few disheartened explorers¬†have found the jacket, only to discover a different, less precious record inside. Boscoe is not the kind of record that should live out its days gathering dust on your want list. Nor is it a record you should have to forgo car payments to acquire. Original reissued on our Asterisk imprint, we’ve moved the title into our 1200 series. Out of print for several years now, we are pleased to announce that Boscoe is officially back in print. You can buy one here, or wherever revolutionary records are sold.

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I managed to get this on the firstdst or secondst time around. What a gem of a record – even amongst the outstanding releases you have put out this is one of the ones I always go back to. Get on to it !

Comment by Michael Ball

Why isn’t this being shipped to subscrbers?

Comment by Eric Anderson

This isn’t a new release, it’s just a repress of a title that has been out of print for a few years. You can use your 15% discount to snag it.

Comment by numerogroup

Wish someone knew a way to find these guys! The trombonist Reg Holden is my father and I am having the hardest time finding him….So frustrating…

Comment by Rita

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