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Jestermania Returns To San Antonio (and Now The Rest Of The World)
June 23, 2015, 10:18 am
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In the nearly 12 years we’ve been a label, we’ve never seen such fan fervor for an artist the way the Royal Jesters brought out their people last Saturday night in San Antonio. The San Antonio Express News has full coverage here. Fans started to line-up at 6pm for the 8pm start of the autograph signing line, braving the rain and brutal humidity for a shot at seeing their former teen idols (we use that term loosely here.)


The host for the evening, co-producer Rae Cabello, invited the living members of the group and their families (and Rosemary Lawson, widow of Oscar Lawson, and Gloria Garza, widow of Dimas Garza) on stage at around 9:30 pm to introduce them, and original vocalists Henry Hernandez and Louie Escalante sang along to their hit “We Got Together” to uproarious fans.

Numero blasted out its entire stock of CDs and LPs, and local stores Hogwild and Janie’s sold out their stock early in the day. San Antonio is nowhere near sated. Today, the Royal Jesters collection English Oldies hits the shelves worldwide, or grip it from our website today!

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