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Numero Moving Sale: Pre-2015 Catalog Wholesale Prices
August 24, 2015, 2:12 pm
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Behold—the former site of the Success Bottling Works, the future site of the Numero Group.

We, like you, hate moving. There’s never enough boxes, renting a truck is miserable (89 cents a mile?!?), and waiting for the cable guy is a Samuel Beckett play come to life. Since the end of the July we’ve been operating out of two buildings, our new digs on Troy Street (an old bottling factory turned into a body shop turned into a record company) and our beloved brick two flat on Marshall Blvd. And while our computers are humming and record players turning at Troy (seven for the office at last count), we’ve got tens of thousands of 45s, LPs, and CDs on the shelves at Marshall that cannot be moved because we physically don’t have boxes to move them in (We do have thousands of mailers, however). This is where you come in.

As our lease expires August 31st, we are having a once in a decade sale on our website. Every single item released prior to 2015 will be on sale at wholesale prices. That means that the price we sell these to record stores at is now your price. Let’s dumb it down even further: The price you pay at a record store? Cut that in half. That’s about as much math as we’re going to do here, but feel free to correct us on the exact discount percentage in the comments section when you place you order. Ridicule encouraged!

Let us be extremely clear: Almost every one of the nearly 300 records we’ve made will be on sale for seven days at wholesale prices. Here’s a few examples of the savings you could experience:

Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound 4XLP. Normally $85, now $55!
Codeine: When I See The Sun 6XLP+3CD. Normally $75, now $52!
Dinosaur Jr: Visitors 5×7”. Normally $35, now $22!
Sandy Denny & the Strawbs: All Our Own Work 2LP. Normally $20, now $13.50!

The list goes on and on. If you know anything about us, you know we subscribe to the Elaine Benes school of exclamation usage. But look at all those excited punctuation marks up there. That’s how serious about moving these records we are. Are you in Chicago and want to come down here and dig through the detritus? Get in touch and we’ll let you rummage around. Just bring cash and your own box! Already panicking about Xmas gifts? Let us help you remove that burdensome money from your account now!

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get OUT!

Comment by DC

So You are not shipp Tucker & Bloom record back to Russia?

Comment by Ice

We ship worldwide.

Comment by numerogroup

Was thinking to buy tucker bloom bag, but there were no shipping options.. Don’t want to spend 300$ now tho.. but just in case there’s some kind of bug or something, here’s screenshot of my checkout page (i am using chrome browser on mac os x 10.10):

Comment by Ice

Really hoping the sale did not end last night (as it seems to have) and today the 31st is the last day as stated on the FB post for the sale. Of course, the discounts are all gone now, but I’m holding out hope that’s a mistake, cause otherwise how could a person order on the 31st if it is one of the sale days? I was sitting on the couch last night and was going to place the order, but after going away for the weekend and getting in late I was just too tired to go through the site adding 30+ items and figured (thought for sure!) I’d have today (at least until 5pm) to do it. So bummed and frustrated if it is really over. It’s like losing an eBay auction in the last seconds, this is going to eat at me for a long while. Hoping you can help. Apologies for all the messages. Thx. F.

Comment by Fred J. Robertson

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