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August 26, 2015, 11:18 am
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Pictured here is our new shipping space, or as it has come to be known, ‘The Dead Zone.’ That is because our trusty shipping duo, Drew Davis and Stephen Arndt, has been playing literally NOTHING but Grateful Dead bootlegs since we arrived. And while the commune still has sufficient musical rations to last through the Winter, it got us to thinking: perhaps YOU have some Grateful Dead tapes we could have? So this is a call to arms, Code Name: BRING OUT YOUR DEAD. Have your Dead tapes become clutter in the digital age? BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! Trying to obscure your transient past from your new family? BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!


Top Wants:

-ALL Pigpen Era shows (1966-1972), ESPECIALLY examples of the Phil Lesh tune “Cardboard Cowboy.”

-Soundboard tapes are preferred but not mandatory.

-Stephen calls it quits in 1989, while Drew enjoys the Spring Tour of 1990.

-Acoustic Sets

-Overall, “sick-ass J-cards” meaning cassettes that have custom Grateful Dead/fan templates (examples below)


But really anything is fair game. For questions (or to arrange shipping for larger collections) please contact Your good vibes help promote a positive shipping environment for our staff Dead Heads. And for that, we are grateful (pardon pun). Our mailing address: The Dead Zone c/o The Numero Group: 2533 S. Troy St. Chicago, IL 60642

P.S. “Tell them we know about” -Stephen Arndt

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