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Mail Bag: Blanket terrorist inspired money grabbing
February 24, 2016, 8:18 am
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Presented without comment:

In an emergency I needed to download my video from my YouTube
account but found that you had locked it illegally from my use because of
bad intelligence and a blanket terrorist inspired money grabbing control of
other peoples rights.

I am submitting my video to NASA, a US Government agency with a deadline,
and because you do not follow up with actual confirmation of your actions
(and don’t blame it on automatic software), I may not be able to submit and
will have to sue for damages with international copyright congress

IMMEDIATELY release the restrictions from YouTube video:
I am contacting the artist directly and telling him of your draconian
actions and autonomic ignorance and will announce on public forums and
social media of this criminal shuttering for the corporate conspired laws to
take control of all proprietary media world wide.

If you are just a gear in evil’s corporate box (remember Nuremberg),
submit this to a main person or legal department NOW!

Creatives do not benefit from these laws. Only on the crust of it. The rest
is for multinational control of intellectual and creative properties,
impoverishing the artists so society will be pliable sheep with no will of
its own. Serve evil and get gone by the good.

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The link in the post works fine; in fact I just downloaded the video myself. It appears this fella’s problem (if there ever truly was one) has been solved, but frankly what he wrote reads like the ramblings of Ted Kaczynski. Or maybe I’m missing the point of this whole exercise 😉

Comment by birdycat19

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