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Ork and Bedhead Inspire Collectors Frenzy
April 21, 2015, 1:28 pm
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The second-hand market for Record Store Day items is humorous, until it starts affecting our own people. To reiterate: Ork and Bedhead are not sold out. Now that we have met the demands of our subscribers, allied retailers, and pop-up customers, we’ll be making the remaining stock available through our website. Each Ork Box and Bedhead disc will be sold at list price. You might remember the time an eBay seller put his Omnibus on eBay in 47 different pieces and clocked diabolical dough (despite a few dozen copies steady chilling in our webstore). We know that Record Store Day can induce a frenzy among shoppers, but we encourage all of you to take a deep breath (in through nose, out through mouth), and check back tomorrow when these items (plus Lows In The Mid ’60s) should be for sale on our website.

(click below to magnify bad decisions) 

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Numero Group Tasting Menu Record Store Day 2015


As the third Saturday in April approaches, so does Record Store Day. In anticipation, the Numero Group has a stockpile of unique releases, used merchandise, Clif Bars, and small bills to facilitate two weekends of hand-to-hand product pushing. For Record Store Day (Saturday, April 18th), we return to the Comfort Station (2579 N Milwaukee) in the heart of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood for an all-day affair. The following week, we chart a course for Brooklyn to spend a 3-day weekend at Greenpoint’s Human NYC (110 Meserole Ave) April 24th-26th.

On the menu:


Ork Records: Complete Singles 7-inch Box Set: Sixteen carefully replicated pic-sleeve singles, documenting the birth of punk, no-wave, power pop, and the next four decades of indie rock. New York City’s Ork Records was the first punk label and the original “indie.” Two-thousand (2000) of you fine folks will be able to enjoy this influential label’s entire output, 1975-1979, seven inches at a time.


Lows In The Mid Sixties Volume 54: Kosmic City Part 2: Kind-heartedly riffing on AIP’s dodgy regional garage rock series Highs In The Mid Sixties, this LP gathers the last of the precious minerals from Cavern‘s subterranean sound deposits.


Bedhead: Live 1998: Executed at our neighborly venue Empty Bottle, Bedhead’s April 16th, 1998 performance was recorded live, utilizing a 16-track ADAT unit stowed away in the basement. Limited to 1,000 copies, Bedhead: Live 1998 includes a download coupon and three additional tracks recorded in similar fashion at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill one month prior.


Ned Doheny “To Prove My Love” 45: Whether sequenced by mistake or by preference, Ned Doheny’s third and final album of the ’70s has spent the last three decades with a piece missing. When Prone surfaced in 1979 (in Japan only), the album’s infectious opener “To Prove My Love” appeared as a “TV Track”—with Ned’s verses omitted from the mix. In anticipation of Ned’s approaching UK tour, we’ve produced a 45 to give the listener control over which “To Prove My Love” they can remain faithful to.


Historic Comfort Station

CHICAGO: The Comfort Station (2579 N Milwaukee Ave)

Record Store Day – April 18th, 9am-5pm. New Stuff, Old Stuff, Used Stuff, Good Stuff.



BROOKLYNGreenpoint c/o Human NYC (110 Meserole Ave)

April 24th-26th, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, Noon-8pm. All Numero, All Day.

See you there!

One-Fortieth Of The New York Times Gift Guide
December 5, 2014, 12:41 pm
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For a city so concerned with square footage, the New York Times has assembled yet another sprawling gift guide befit for the underbrush of Rockefeller Center’s 85-Foot Norway Spruce. Among the 80 items selected were two Numero Group goodies: Warfaring Strangers :Darkscorch Canticles and Bedhead: 1992-1998. Staff writer and friend of the label Jon Caramanica totally gets it:

Warfaring Strangers: “In the wake of Led Zeppelin, 1970s rock could be a grand, swaggering affair. But on “Warfaring Strangers,” attitude takes a back seat to lyrics, and the lyrics are weird. These dug-up-from-obscurity oddball bands are as obsessed with monster riffs as with Dungeons & Dragons-esque mysticism.”

Bedhead: “This Dallas band perfected a sound that came to be called slowcore: The drums were lazy, the guitars languorous, the vocals unhurried. But this was in no way a lazy band, only a disciplined one with unconventional values.”

Earlier this week, the Gray Lady spoke at length about Tom Scharpling’s resurrected radio show, The Best Show. While a nugget of cordless phone shrapnel does not make a very flashy stocking stuffer, shards of plastic and signed certificates of authenticity will be arriving before the holidays as part of our Scharpling & Wurster: The Best Of The Best Show pre-order nightmare promotion.


Introspective Bedhead Articles and “Most Essential Dallas Reissue”
November 21, 2014, 5:02 pm
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The complete works of Bedhead seem to be triggering nostalgia avalanches in the far-flung hearts to the Dallas group’s faithful fans. Two particularly touching articles find the respective authors riffing on Bedhead, tailspinning into a sentimental op-ed about what its like to love a band, and emerging on the other side of our critically acclaimed box set. If you are an afflicted Bedhead fan in search of a support group, look no further than the A/V Club and the Dallas Observer, who declared Bedhead 1992-1998 “the most essential Dallas reissue of 2014.”

A/V/ Club: “On Bedhead, boxsets, and the beauty of bookends”

Dallas Observer: “The New Bedhead Box Set is the Most Essential Dallas Reissue of 2014”

Your Bedhead Boxset Has Begun Its Journey
November 14, 2014, 11:23 am
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Despite accounting for a hefty portion of our post office’s annual revenue, days like this have to irk even the most patient of couriers. This was the first of two mail vans packed to capacity with Bedhead 1992-1998. Everyone is lifting from the legs, and everyone’s biceps are looking great. Thanks to all the folks who have ordered this monster. Rest assured that neither snow nor rain will keep this avalanche of sound from reaching your home.

Bedhead Unboxing
November 6, 2014, 3:06 pm
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We’re still filling minivans with Bedhead box sets on a daily basis. And while the shipping department is operating at full tilt, it’s nice to take a minute to reflect on what a thing of beauty this thick-as-a-brick tome is. Below is a guided tour through the Texas group’s slow-motion explosion of the ’90s. All the music, plus exhaustive liner notes, photos, and all the trimmings in one sturdy slipcase.

You’ve got a few more days to stream the whole darn thing at NPR, but should you find yourself ready to commit, you can easily acquire Bedhead: 1992-1998 at the Numero Group webstore.


“Boring can be beautiful” – Bedhead Streaming on NPR
November 4, 2014, 2:22 pm
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“Boring can be beautiful,” NPR’s Jason Heller decries, “and Bedhead proved it.” All four components of our Bedhead box set (WhatFunLifeWas, Bedheaded, Transaction De Novo, and Singles/EPs/B-sides) are streaming at NPR from now until next Tuesday, when Bedhead 1992-1998 goes on sale. In the most sincere sense of the words “But don’t take our word for it,” this article, and the music embedded within, is as good a place to start (or resume) your relationship with the Dallas quintet.

Click here to hangout at and listen to Bedhead 1992-1998

Fall Semester Mixtape (Free download)
September 12, 2014, 8:28 am
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In the spirit of heading back to school, the world’s finest purveyors of aural academia have created this walkman (or iPod if you’re digitally inclined) ready tape of selections from our forthcoming fall releases. All tracks are free for you to download, distribute, dub, and digest.

Preorder Bedhead (If You Haven’t Already)
August 11, 2014, 12:53 pm
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Quietly, over the weekend, the preorder option for Bedhead: 1992-1998 appeared on our website. We’d mentioned its existence, and Pitchfork had reiterated, but today’s blog post was to serve as a starter pistol for Bedhead completists and eager newcomers. In the time it has take to format this informal entry, EIGHT box sets have been pre-ordered. “Limited to 2000” seems like a cushiony quantity, but now that dibs are comfortably in the triple-digits, who knows?

Preorder Bedhead: 1992-1998 at the Numero Group webstore