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RSD Exclusives Available Online & in NYC
April 18, 2016, 11:32 am
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When we arrived at work this morning (still nursing an #RSD2016 hangover), we were inundated with on-line orders for our Record Store Day exclusives, Blonde Redhead Peel Sessions 7″ and Los Alamos Grind! The rate at which these desirable titles are being gobbled up is far exceeding our expectations, so we can’t be certain how much longer these exceptional records will be available. You are on the rumble strips. Procrastinate at your own peril.

With this blog post, we make a solemn oath to reserve some of both titles for our Greenpoint pop-up shop (Thursday-Sunday of this week). But this doesn’t mean you can stroll in on Sunday and buy one for yourself and one for a friend. This blog post is intended to inspire; this blog post is intended to motivate. If you desire either of these titles (or both), there is currently no one holding you back but yourself.

Oh heck yeah! Let me get that NUM205.3 Blonde Redfhead: Peel Sessions 7” 

Ay Caramba! I need that NBR006 Los Alamos Grind! LP/CD 





Grinders, Redheads & Pop-Ups: The Numero Guide To Record Store Day
February 29, 2016, 1:06 pm
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It’s that time of the year again. You know, that time when you start figuring out your Justin Bieber 12” picture disc budget? When you shake out the cushions in hopes of scraping enough together to buy that 51st anniversary gold-plated, debossed, 350 gram double LP edition of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream & Other Delights. The kids are calling it Record Store Day, those of us in this get rich quick scheme we call the record business refer to it as PAY DAY. If you’ve “invested” in RSD stocks in the past and are waiting for your portfolio to mature, please consider adding our 2016 offerings to your holdings. Just think, a Blonde Redhead 7” sold in 20 years could fund a trip to a community college vending machine for your future child! You know how copies of Action Comics #1 sell for millions of dollars? Wait until Rick Altergott’s Doofus is acquired by Disney and added to the Marvel Universe. Copies of his one-off comic Los Alamos Grind! are sure to fetch in the HUNDREDS of pennies.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Record Store Day if we weren’t setting up our own competing stores in Chicago and Brooklyn. We’ll be at our usual spot in Logan Square and at a new storefront on Franklin Avenue in Greenpoint a few days later. Just trying to stay in business, folks!



NUM203.5 Blonde Redhead: Peel Sessions 7”

On June 7, 2000 Blonde Redhead stepped into the BBC’s Radio 1 Yalding House studios for what would be their sole Peel Session, a setting particularly important as it inspired the namesake of one of this 7” single’s two songs. “Where is John?” a nervous producer asked again and again, pacing the room, unable to locate the revered radio host, as a warmed up Blonde Redhead waited patiently.

The trio’s affection for Peel dated to a very early tour in 1995, when they were lost among the tumbleweeds of a barren Texas landscape. As the band turned the crackling radio dial, the celebrated radio presenter’s Northern English accent suddenly piped through their van’s speakers with high praise for the track “Violent Life” from their recently released sophomore LP, La Mia Vita Violenta. This unexpected bit of encouragement from Peel helped give the young, extremely road weary and relatively unknown trio the confidence and validation to press on in what had proven to be an arduous road expedition. Five years later, the seasoned threesome eventually played live for Peel’s show, and it seemed only fitting that the they christen a brand new, yet-to-be-titled song after their only session with the man held deep in their collective heart. Remastered and released here for the first time on vinyl, “Where is John?” b/w “Missile ++” speaks not only of a band in the prime of their celebrated sound, but also of the people who helped along the way. Limited edition of 2000 copies (1000 black, 1000 white).

All this is leading up to our Blonde Redhead boxset this fall, details of which will be announced in the coming months.



NBR-006 Los Alamos Grind LP/CD

Record buyers of a certain age need no explanation for Los Alamos Grind!, they will be immediately transported back to a time when going to see The Dwarves was de rigueur for fresh-faced American youth, books like Apocalypse Culture were on everyone’s nightstand, and issues of Rollerderbywere available everywhere, selling millions of copies. A natural reaction to this onslaught of hypersexual, transgressive, post-Throbbing Gristle art was a wave of interest in a kinder, gentler era of sleaze. For those space-age bachelors who occasionally invited others into their space-age bachelor- pads, the Las Vegas Grind series appeared to, ostensibly, compile the sounds and smells of vintage strip clubs, with all the pastie-twirling, sweaty-hip-gyrating, lap-grinding one could hope for, as if compiled by Lloyd Llewellyn himself. Like every bootleg series, however, the Las Vegas Grind series slid quickly into the untold darkness, much like a rotted-stripper panty swept off the stage at The Can Can.

Los Alamos Grind! picks up in the not-too-distant future where nuclear war has indelibly altered the physical structure of strippers and patrons alike, but the jukebox selections have returned to a simpler time. Join the time-traveling A&R men of Numbero as they simultaneously visit past and future, compiling a superior collection of sleaze than anything brought to the post-apocalyptic-bachelor-pad scene thus far. And because we are gentlemen and scholars, each track is licensed… no easy feat when the government has crumbled and all laws are dictated by treaties between mutant warlords (and warladies). Quantity limited to whatever we were able to cram into our fallout shelter…help us make room for more canned goods!!

Includes an original comic penned by Doofuscreator Rick Altergott. 1000 copies pressed on silver plastic compact disc. 1000 copies pressed on alien urine blue vinyl, 1000 copies pressed on galaxy black vinyl.



6th Annual Chicago
Pop Up Store!

On Saturday, April 16th we’ll return to that little triangular strip at Kedzie/Milwaukee/and Logan Blvd. for our sixth annual pop up store. In addition to an assortment of trusted dealers shucking used 45s and LPs, we’ll have every in-print Numero LP, CD, 45, and whatever other miscellaneous debris we can find on hand at the lowest prices we can afford to sell them at. As an exclusive to our store we’ll be selling an extremely limited edition cassette featuring the earliest recordings from the original torchbearers of Chicago’s rap underground. We’ll also have copies of Rick Altergott’s Los Alamos Grind! as a tract comic, free with any purchase. And, as has been a staple of our sales, we’ll be unloading hundreds of LPs with dinged corners at prices just barely above cost. Condition freaks need not browse these bins, but those looking to round out their Numero collection on the cheap should be sure to bring ample time and cash.

The details:

Numero Group Pop-Up Extravaganza
Saturday, April 16th 2016
Comfort Station
2579 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
Cash/Credit/Interesting trades accepted



3rd Annual Brooklyn
Pop Up Store!

A few days after Record Store Day we’ll pack several thousand records in a rented van and head east. In years past we’ve spent three days hustling our wares at Human Gallery located at Meserole and Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. With Human’s closing last year, we’ve moved the whole operation a few blocks north to 170 Franklin where we’ll cram ourselves and several tons of wax into 400 square feet for four days. We’ll have copies of Los Alamos Grind!, Blonde Redhead, and that secret Chicago rap tape mentioned to the left, alongside damaged stock, posters, t-shirts, and all other manners of branded garbage that we’ve manufactured over the last 13 years. Those brave enough to approach our founders Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley can expect tales from the trenches in exchange for coffee and treats.

The Details:

Numero Group Pop-Up Extravaganza
Thursday, April 21st 2016
Friday, April 22nd 2016
Saturday, April 23rd 2016
Sunday, April 24th 2016
170 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Cash/Credit/Interesting trades accepted