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Check My Machine: Diego Martinez (Los Nombres)
October 3, 2013, 10:04 am
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For every Numero release, there is a cast of characters that we stay in regular contact with, even years after an album has come and gone from the New Arrivals bin. While our newborn compilations are consistently coddled and pampered, we love all of our children equally. When Los Nombres were featured on Cleveland Public Radio a few weeks back for National Hispanic Heritage Month, the group’s founder and #1 fan Diego Martinez was unable to join us in the studio due to health issues. Ever enthusiastic, Diego called to congratulate us on a job well done, not an hour after we ended transmission.

When Grammy nominations fail to materialize into Grammy statuettes, or when your relatives stare blankly as you tell them, for the third Thanksgiving in a row, exactly what you do for a living, messages like this serve as their own tiny trophies, letting you know that your work is impacting the lives of good people.

Los Nombres is available on CD and LP, and contains 10 of the most dynamic Latin soul songs ever committed to tape: the deepest ballads, the highest instrumentals, poppy dancers, and sentimental romancers. In the words of Diego Martinez, “short and beautiful—to the point!”

Los Nombres on WCPN with Dee Perry (2pm EST)
September 16, 2013, 8:41 am
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A few years ago, the Numero Group released a powder keg of recordings by Lorain, Ohio’s Latino septet of note, Los Nombres. As part of their National Hispanic Heritage Month programming, Cleveland’s NPR affiliate WCPN (90.3-FM) will be hosting Los Nombres guitarist Pepe Rivera and our own Jon Kirby to discuss this energetic ensemble. The 10 songs compiled for Asterisk’s 9th and final release have always held a special place in our heart, and Numero is happy to revisit this remarkable, if not underrated, compilation (available here).

The Sound of Applause with Dee Perry will touch down on the FM dial today at 2pm (EST) and stream live at The show will be archived later in the afternoon, which now that it is the future, we can tell you lives right here for download or listen.

“Todo Los Hombres Que Le Gustan Gozar”
May 15, 2012, 1:36 pm
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Even if we turned the entire state of Ohio upside down and shook it until even NBA Championship rings were jostled loose, there are records, photos, and related ephemera that would still somehow manage to get pinned behind the dressers and couches of the Buckeye State. Sean Marquez, son of Los Nombres frontman Willie Marquez, has been quite active in combing his family’s photo albums, keepsakes boxes, and garages for further evidence of his father’s Latin soul combo. The photo below is undated, but is most likely from the late ’70s. We know from the curious sheet of shingles behind the group that this was taken at the Puerto Rican Home of Lorain, where not one, but two, archival photos from Los Nombres originated. Most shocking is that the backdrop is not a load-bearing wall as we’d assumed, but some type of movable set, handy should Lorain bands of Puerto Rican descent need a photogenic backdrop. Thanks again to this Marquez family for sharing this photo with us, and we will continue to post images of note as they come to light.

Click here to purchase Los Nombres (AST-09) at the Numero storefront. 

Los Nombres Stickers From Japan, With Love
February 1, 2012, 3:12 pm
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Disk Union in Japan was such a fan of the Los Nombres record, they made some commemorative stickers, and sent us a handful. Since our skateboard decks and lockers are already over capacity with Bones Brigade decals and dinosaur holograms, we’re passing the little imports along to you, our loyal customers. The next 20 individuals to purchase the Los Nombres album (CD or LP) from the Numero store, will get one of these thrown in. Needless to say, they’re big in Japan.

Los Nombres: An Oral History (with Air Drums)
January 26, 2012, 1:08 pm
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Staff slow-talker Jon Kirby took a minute (which takes him seven minutes) out of his workday to speak with Edgar Baca about Asterisk’s latest release, Los Nombres.  Baca, along with co-host Charly Garcia, pilot (((SONORAMA))), an active entity in Chicago’s musical community, celebrating global cosas nuestras on WRTE 90.5-FM and through their Discoteca Tropical party at Maria’s Community Bar. For needle drops and Southern drawls, check out this segment on our latest release, available for purchase here.

Numero Soundclash: Getting to know the Rotel
December 20, 2011, 3:30 pm
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Wether spotted in the margins of product photos, or spied during hurried office tours, we get a lot of questions about our stereo, which is the usual potluck assemblage of co-worker scrap, anchored by a curious component, the Rotel-RZ8, or simply “The Play Mixer.” Aside from the usual manner of phono/line inputs and outputs, the Play Mixer features an analog drum machine and an echo-effected input for “Mic/Guitar.” Not sure who the target audience was for this artifact, although thanks to this sticker, we can assume Good Earth of San Jacinto had use for it at one time or another. 

As was customary with analog drum machines there is a 1:1 ratio of European:Latin rhythms available. We figured our newest arrival Los Nombres would provide a great opportunity to fire up the drums, and show readers what this thing can do. Rotel debuts at :24.

“Todos” by Los Nombres (AST-09) + Rotel Demo