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Cavern Sounds Open House: Bulbous Creation
October 29, 2014, 10:25 am
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For no identifiable reason, guitarist Alan Lewis thought the term “Bulbous” applied to the groundling group’s sound, and wanted to name the band thus. However, none of his bandmates thought it made much sense, but applying the slightly cosmic “Creation” to it at least made it roll off the tongue. Their set list of all originals made them a difficult booking, and profits were non-existent.

So goes the naming conventions of Kansas City’s Bulbous Creation, who celebrates two milestones this week with their inclusion on Local Customs: Cavern Sounds and the fully licensed released of their debut deferred You Won’t Remember Dying. The long player’s opening track “End Of The Page,” stumbles among the nocturnal and oxygen deprived rockers featured on Local Customs: Cavern Sounds, which was released world wide just yesterday.