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August 9, 2011, 8:40 am
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Instead of just straight jacking our shit for beats, the Shoes crew is now coming to us for pre-clears. Namre the three samples and we’ll send you an MP3 of the track.

Eccentric Breaks & Beats Volume 2

After we issued Eccentric Breaks & Beats last year our inbox was suddenly flooded with junior producers looking to do something similar. A handful of sorta-okay-but-not-really-that-great entries were submitted, but none could touch the original Shoes boot.

When Adam Calman from Parallel Thought dropped their entry into our lap a few days into the new year, we were eyeball-deep in royalties and couldn’t process how good the mix actually was. It was played on computer screens, background to our Excel nightmare. When the tide of checks and statements ebbed, Numbero 2 was engrained in our minds, we just didn’t know what to do with the damn thing.

Between Pressed At Boddie, the Penny & the Quarters debacle, Willie Wright, Salsa Boricua De Chicago, Father’s Children, Nickel & Penny, and our looming Boddie box set, there seemed to be no room for another record. And rather than let EBB Volume 2 collect dust and play counts on our hard drives, we decided to let it live in the same manner that the original EBB had: unfettered. But perhaps best of all, we’ve decided to make it free.

If you bought Volume 1, you may’ve noticed our bite on the original Ultimate Breaks & Beats cover concepts. We enlisted Eliza Childress, second runner-up in our Pressed At Boddie design contest to create another ridiculous/hideous cover, and we think she succeeded. That she turned it around in five days is perhaps more impressive.

Lastly, Adam Calman sent over a little context for the mix:

With 2011 being Drum and Knowledge’s’ (founding members of the label and musical collective that is Parallel Thought) 10 year anniversary, they decided to create a project that would represent the hard work they had put in over the past decade.  Being a classic hip hop production group, their appreciation for samples and the artists of an older era seemed natural to evolve the project into a instrumental mix of beats, breaks and edits of songs that moved the soul. By choosing one labels library (the mighty Numero Group) to use as the source for their musical collage, they found creative freedom to use parts of samples that would normally be avoided in conventional hip-hop because of clearance issues. In the sprit of the culture, the idea and project itself was very spontaneous and began without  permission from anyone.  This turned into a challenge for the group who knew that the only right way for the project to come out would be to impress the label who’s records they sampled enough to agree to its release.  With the blessing from Numero, this project truly does showcase how music from the past can still lay the foundation for music of the present.  For a 10-year anniversary release, we at Parallel Thought, could not be prouder, heres our gift to you!

Dig in.


The Sea Of Sound #27

So, I gotta little jealous last week that we didn’t have something as slick as Josh’s new online ghetto blaster and decided it was time to revive my old podcast, The Sea Of Sound.  This episode below in it’s fancy Flash 1.0 player – give it a few seconds to load – is a healthy mix of past, present, and upcoming Numero tracks, side by side with some old favorites, and a few cuts from various new releases for your listening pleasure. Enjoy, Michael

“Don’t Trade Love For Money” – Jackie Russell

“Woodpiles On The Side Of The Road” – Jack Rose

“Hummingbirds” – Kieran White

“Jane, Jane” – Tia Blake

“Yellow Roses” – Heron

“Lonely Son” – Vernon Wray

“Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart” – Arthur Russell

“Tried So Hard” – The Flying Burrito Brothers

“Never Too Far” – Tim Hardin

“I Found My Music” – Sage

“Every Day We Grow Closer” – Alex Chilton

“The Ballad Of El Goodo” – Big Star

“The Summer Sun” – Chris Stamey

Beaumont, TX Dodge Commercial

“I’ve Got To Get Over” – Syl Johnson

“Bring It Down Front” – Hugh Hawkins

“Lean Lanky Daddy” – Little Ann

“You’ve Got To Steal It” – The Flairs

“I’m Drunk & I’m Real High (In The Spirit Of God) – Ada Richards

“Cosmic Clock” – Shoes

“Love Letter Full Of Promises” (Rehearsal) – Juanita Rodgers

Delivered Today
March 29, 2010, 6:54 pm
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Today, at around 330PM CST we got a delivery of 28 boxes. 26 of the boxes contained the compact disc edition of Eccentric Breaks and Beats, which look sharp in their CCNB digipacks. Box 27 had samples of the Linda Bruner LP jacket, which are thick as a brick and have a glorious matte finish. And in box 28? Oh, just two copies of the Eccentric Breaks and Beats bootleg edition that we managed to source. 

If you see a saw blade-labeled 12″ in a bright red sleeve, grip it, and sweat hard until you’ve paid and are at home. These things are rare, and if the price we paid is any indication they aren’t getting any cheaper.

The Numero Group Turns The Tables On A Bootlegger
March 9, 2010, 10:48 am
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Miles Raymer of the Chicago Reader weighs in on the history of bootleg records and our upcoming Eccentric Breaks & Beats release.  Link to article.

Bootlegging the Bootleggers

We’ve been bootlegged before, certainly. Madlib (take a few bows), Mayer Hawthorne, BBE, RJD2, that lame-ass “Low Riders” series… but this really takes the cake.

Over the course of seven years and more than 70 releases, one extremely creative fan began to build a mega-mix of his favorite loops, breaks, and vocal snippets, chopping them all up and piecing together an incredible musical narrative—a 40-minute, saw blade-labeled 12″ boot that was pressed and seeded to a handful of DJs and producers. Naturally, word got back.

With our cease and desist letter ready to be dropped in the mail, an interesting thing happened: We kinda got hooked on the flawlessly arranged pastiche. Taking cue from the Bob Dylan Bootleg series, we turned the tables on the pirate. Seizing the plates from the pressing plant, we repurposed this underground release (preserving the contraband “Numbero” label) as the ultimate showcase for our seven years in business.

It took some time and effort, but we were finally able to track down the creator of the boot, and were delighted to discover that it was the apocryphal label and production team Shoes, who have previously re-worked Moodyman, Al Green, Miles Davis, and dozens more.

About the hideous/awful/wonderful cover art:

If you’ll recall, from the mid 80s through the early 90s, the groundbreaking “record label” Street Beat brought the world what would someday become the legendary Ultimate Breaks and Beats 25-volume collection, paving the way for modern DJs and hip-hop artists. Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery, we’re issuing Eccentric Breaks & Beats in June as an homage to the breaks and beats collections of yore.

Here’s a sample to hold you over for a few months.