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A Spoonful of Four Mints
October 21, 2013, 3:17 pm
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At the onset of the Numero label, we spent a ridiculous amount of time in Columbus, Ohio, combing through what would become our first release, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label. One of the bands included on the compilation was The Four Mints.  A few years later, we decided that we loved their music enough to reissue their full length album Gently Down Your Stream on our Asterisk label…on CD only.  Since then, we’ve had numerous folks ask when and if we’d ever reissue this sweet soul gem on vinyl.  Undoubtedly, the one person most excited about a possible vinyl reissue was Brett Ruland, of Spoonful Records in Columbus.

Opened July 17, 2010,  at 116 E. Long Street, Spoonful was the first record store opened in the downtown area since 1968.  We’re constantly impressed by Brett’s love for his hometown Ohio soul music,  and we adore his lovingly curated store.  So, with Gently Down Your Stream finally available on vinyl, we thought we’d ask our friend Brett to say a few words about this long awaited release:

My countdown to a Four Mints Gently Down Your Stream reissue on vinyl is finally over. This is definitely one of the Holy Grail releases on Columbus, Ohio’s Capsoul label. Every song sounds like a hit…all killer no filler! The Capsoul house band is strong on this one and two of my favorite cuts are written by the late great Dean Francis: “Row My Boat” and “Too Far Gone.” Also “Keep On Loving You” by Norman Whiteside, John Primm, and Wm. Gilbert is simply incredible.

The minute “You’re My Desire” starts with a drum roll and then slows the pace with horns and tip-top vocal harmonies, you know you’re in for a treat. Then “Row My Boat” takes it up a notch and gets stuck in your head instantly with its piano roll intro, bells, and a vibe that is reminiscent of some of the best Delfonics songs. “Too Far Gone” will have you bopping your head and bouncing in your seat… and you will be too far gone, but as the next song begs… “You’ll Want to Come Back,” which makes me think of something that The Impressions very well could have recorded.  “Keep on Loving You”… is one of the catchiest songs on the album… reminds me a bit of Sam and Dave in their prime.

It’s about time this Columbus sweet soul classic LP gets the proper vinyl reissue treatment that only Numero Group can give it!
~ Brett Ruland, Spoonful Records

If you find yourself in the Columbus area, make sure to stop by Spoonful and snag a copy of the Four Mints or any of the always-in-stock deep Numero catalog items you see alongside it. And do tell Brett we said hello.