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Cavern, Fern & Bulbous: How Many Can We Put You Down For?
October 28, 2014, 1:33 pm
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Today marks the three-way birthday of some special records. Minted in Numero’s salad days, Fern Jones has spent nearly a decade trapped in a jewel case, finally moving into her own double-wide LP (to make room for 8 new tracks). Emerging from the caves of Independence, Missouri, Local Customs: Caverns Sounds is no secret, but some mystery still surrounds Bulbous Creation’s You Won’t Remember Dying. Recorded at Cavern in 1969 and left for dead, even a mid-’90s pressing by Rockadelic Records could not satiate the masses. A mainline premier, a newcomer to the vinyl catalog, and a spooky long-player can be at your house by Halloween—but you have to ACT NOW!

All this and more available from the Numero Group webstore.


Fern Jones Numero Vinyl Debut
October 22, 2014, 10:46 am
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There was a time in the mid-2000s when not all Numero titles saw a vinyl release, and Arkansas native Fern Jones has been one of the biggest casualties of this format discrepancy. A toe-tapping relic of country gospel, Fern Jones’s sanctified debut was recorded in Nashville in 1958 and released on Dot Records the following year. A bit too unconventional for record-buying bible thumpers, Singing A Happy Song fell on deaf ears. As issued on compact disc in 2005, Fern Jones: The Glory Road included this flawless offering, plus a few kindred selections from the husband and wife collaboration, The Joneses Sing. Available on vinyl October 28th, the 2XLP incarnation of The Glory Road will include both Singing A Happy Song and The Joneses Sing in their entirety, expanding upon the CD version by eight worthwhile tracks. Orders are shipping now from our website, with October 28th being the official release date.


You Tube Round Up, Part 3
May 30, 2011, 6:58 pm
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These never cease to amaze us:

Fern Jones’ “I Ain’t Got Time” lip-synched, well sort of.

Penny & the Quarters finally gets the twee rendition it’s been begging for by Designs For Living (who?).

Conor Byrne slaughters Them Two’s “Am I A Good Man, thankfully it appears that no one in the crowd is paying attention.

Finally, Marion Black’s “Who Knows” gets used as background for a school film.

999 to go

Sometimes the seemingly mundane but crucial task of composing endless drafts and emails and the sending out of promotional materials and one-sheets in a tiny office can seem like a daunting one way conversation (envision Sisyphus pushing a large rubber band ball or the owner of Winky Dinky Dog offering ‘Stevie’ and ‘Michael’ Hoe Cakes into his shoe in Hollywood Shuffle). So I am always pleased to encounter some sort of correspondence, especially in the form of enthusiasm of having received a release and in particular, a link to a review. Depending on the literary medium, this can range from the simple and factual 100 word review to the carefully thought out, “geez this guy really gets it,” longer, expanded essay. The latest sort of satisfaction comes with the 1,000 page plus tome of Tom Moon’s 1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die: A Listener’s Life List. It is carefully cataloged (in alphabetical order according to artist’s last name) for easy perusal and passionately written with suggestions of “key tracks,” “next stops,” (similar to but better thought out than ‘[R]ecommended [I]f [Y]ou [L]ikes) and “after thats” (even more suggestions). Mr. Moon has always been kind to Numero and we were pleased to see the inclusion of one of our earliest and at the time of release, more adventurous and daring titles: the ‘fire and brimstone’ gospel cum rockabilly release of Fern Jones’ The Glory Road. Here’s what Tom Moon had to say:

“Jones’s amalgam of early rock, country and gospel was a kind of cultural dynamite, and way ahead of its time.”