Numero Group: By The Numbers

Merl Saunders 1934-2008

Merl Saunders who passed on today will be remembered by the masses for his blistering grooves behind Jerry Garcia throughout most of the 70’s – check out his smokin synth action on Keepers from Saunders & Garcia: Live At The Keystone on Fantasy – but here at Camp Numero he’ll be remembered as the producer of the ultra-rare Man Child Singers lone 45.

In 1967, Merl teamed up with Oscar Brown Jr. and mutual friend Ed Lewis to write tunes for a politically charged musical, Big Time Buck White. The show was packed full of psychedelic funk with progressive lyrics that are just as relevant today as we hear sound bites of ignorant racist yahoo’s from Wasilla, Alaska talking about a “white out on Nov. 4th.”

After its brief theatrical run, Merl took the kids into the studio along with some tripped out session musicians and cut two songs for a 45 on Suemertone Records, Mighty Wighty b/w Right On. Having the innocent children singing things like, “you better listen or you’ll be missing” gave the songs some raw emotional weight that we had to share with you on Numero 016, Home Schooled: The ABC’s of Kid Soul.

“Right On, Right On…”