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Lets Talk About These Jimmy Carter Cassettes
December 9, 2015, 10:50 am
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Last week, we made an Instagram post, stylishly showcasing the complete cassette discography (tapeography?) of Dallas County, Missouri songwriter Jimmy Carter. But in handling the media, we discovered some really fascinating aspects that we felt deserved a closer look. Jimmy Carter’s lone slab of vinyl, Summer Brings The Sunshine, is available to one-thousand lucky individuals via our seasonal music club, Project Twelve. Slots within this elite fleet are filling fast, so we suggest you jump on it, post haste.


A live demo from Carter’s German era, featuring “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Duling Banjos [sic]” and the original, “Ballad To Ode.” Printed on a faux vellum paper stock, these are pretty rare.

JimmyCarter001Keep in mind, these recordings were not made with other musical servicemen stationed abroad; the majority of players were locals. How many guys do YOU know named Volker that can pull off a cowboy hat? (see above)

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.20.24 PM

Ain’t What It Seems has an especially personalized artist list. Next to each contributor is a fleck of color commentary provided by the gracious bandleader. A few examples:

“Ingrid Fehres de Schmitt and Ute Gröner, the vocal duo “Sie & Sie” (Professional, dependeable, and a joy to work with.”

“Roland Kneller, bass, a man who walks alone a good man”

“Dave Sage, drums & vocals, he keeps his word”

So on and so forth.


…To say nothing of these outlaws!

Check out sound clips of Jimmy Carter and the Dallas County Green’s Summer Brings The Sunshine on our website or listen to “Travelin'” via the Project Twelve Spotify playlist.