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Doug Shorts Video Countdown: “Baby’s Got It Going On”
January 9, 2015, 2:20 pm
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During last night’s karate class at the 37th and Wabash YMCA, Sensei Doug Shorts shared some wisdom with his pupils via the Youtube playlist “MASTERPLAN INC” dedicated his enduring R&B career. Numerophiles will know Masterplan Inc. from the un-funk-withable (and previously unreleased) “Try It You’ll Like It,” still available on 45. Those with more modern tastes probably picked up the dueling 45s that Doug released on Cherries Records a few years back. Less known to Shorts’ fans is his musical output from Los Angeles, where he spent the ’80s and ’90s, before returning to Chicago.

The greatest lesson learned during last night’s Masterplan Inc/Karate clinic was “Baby’s Got It Going On,” shot around Los Angeles in the late ’80s. Certified video vixen Jennifer Starr allegedly caused an actual fender bender as Doug delivered the lyric “She causes so many accidents, every time she walks.” Doug delivers a fine jump spinning back kick (Tobi Ushiro Geri) when he confesses that he couldn’t even trust a bodyguard to look after his woman. EW&F/Phil Collins trumpeter Rahmlee appears periodically, as he does in Numero’s forthcoming Ultra High Frequencies: The Chicago Party. This video is a blast whether you’re practicing your katas, sparring, or just passing time until the work day ends. Enjoy!

Sitting In The Park Forever, Tonight (Chicago)
September 26, 2014, 11:02 am
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Tonight is the night we gather with friends and fellow collectors/selectors to celebrate the life of Bob Abrahamian. Plus, the bill is stacked! To hear Reggie Torian sing the Impressions? To hear the Notations sing, “I’m Still Here”? To witness Keni Rightout debuting his unreleased masterpiece, “Another Day,” from our forthcoming CD/LP/DVD Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party? The Windy City Soul Club will be spinning Southside sides before, during, and after, up until last call (which is still 2am, even in Hyde Park, correct?). All proceeds go towards preserving and properly archiving Bob’s massive and exhaustive collection of Chicago Soul singles. We’ll see you there…

Sitting in the Park Forever: Bob Abrahamian Memorial Record Hop
The Promontory: 5311 South Lake Park Avenue West, Chicago, IL
Doors Open at 8pm
Admission is $10
For more information, visit

Sitting in the Park Forever: Bob Abrahamian Memorial Record Hop
September 22, 2014, 12:19 pm
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Earlier this year, Chicago lost perhaps it’s greatest booster/advocate/authority on indigenous soul music. This Friday (September 25th), the Promontory in Hyde Park will host Sitting in the Park Forever: Bob Abrahamian Memorial Record Hop. Proceeds will help fund efforts to archive, preserve, and digitize Bob’s robust/one-of-a-kind/invaluable collection of Chicago soul singles. On the bill will be Reggie Torian of the Impressions, Cliff Curry of The Notations, Doug Shorts of Master Plan, Inc, Keni Rightout of Center Stage, Hollee Thee Maxwell, as well as the Windy City Soul Club. We miss Bob everyday, and embrace any opportunity to honor his legacy, tell stories, laugh, cry, etc. Tickets are $10, and are available online.

For more information, visit

Doug Shorts was in the Wedding Singer
July 31, 2014, 1:13 pm
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The Doug Shorts portion of our catalog is confined to a tiny-but-mighty 45 by Master Plan Inc. But we love Doug! We see him all the time—at BBQs, DJ nights, and modern-day Masterplan Inc. shows. Yet it seems that only a fraction of our officemates knew that Shorts was an extra in the Adam Sandler classic, The Wedding Singer, somewhat ironically dancing to “You Spin Me ‘Round (like A Record).” Among the fat ladies eating cake and old ladies dancing, you can see Doug, bouncing emphatically in a pink jacket. If you haven’t read “The Long Game Of Soul Singer Doug Shorts,” it details the enduring musician’s Chicago roots, Minneapolis dalliances, Hollywood swinging, and the records he’s been featured on since returning home in 2003. It goes without saying that the Numero Group release of “Try It, You’ll Like It,” is our favorite (trailed closely by his modern joints on Cherries Records).

Free Masterplan Inc. Concert Tonight In Union Park (Chicago)
July 15, 2014, 12:06 pm
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Master Plan’s “Try It, You’ll Like It” has become something of a Chicago standard amongst our neighborly record spinning brothers and sisters. Recorded with David Rivkin at Sound 80 in Minneapolis (making it a contender for Purple Snow 2.0?), “Try It You’ll Like It” is just one of many funky things brought to market by cool crooner/black belt Doug Shorts over the past 30 years. Just days ahead of the Pitchfork Festival (where Numero will also have a presence), Union Park will host Doug Shorts and Masterplan Inc. TONIGHT for a free concert experience.

Purchase “Try It You’ll Like It” b/w “Intro” for a mere $6 at the Numero Group web store.

Recommended Reading: “The Long Game of Soul Singer Doug Shorts” (Chicago Reader).