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Factory Outlet Roadshow
April 3, 2017, 7:18 am
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After a long winter hibernating in our converted Chicago bottling factory, The Numero Group will emerge this April for another series of pop stores. Last fall found us going road blind in the expanse of the American west, so we’re opting for an easier run of Midwest and Eastern Seaboard dates this spring. If you’re not familiar with our traveling record roadshow, it features two guys, a box truck, and seven pallets teeming with blow out-priced Numero LPs, CDs, 45s, t-shirts, tapes, books, and other additional miscellany your local record store isn’t carrying.
Fri April 14 Indianapolis – Warfleigh Barber & Supply
Sat April 15 Detroit – Third Man 
(Three special Third Man Records co-releases available at this pop up only!)
Sun April 16 Cleveland – Space:ROCK Gallery
Tue April 18 Pittsburgh – Ace Hotel
Wed April 19 Cincinnati – Urban Artifact
Thu April 20 Louisville – Dreamland
Fri April 21 Nashville – Julia Martin Gallery 
Sat April 22 Atlanta – 529 
(RSD dunk tank edition w/ exclusive Atlanta-only 45 by Sonia Ross!)
Sat April 22 Chicago – Comfort Station
Sun April 23 Raleigh – Ruby Deluxe
Mon April 24 Richmond – Strange Matter
Tue April 25 DC – Bossa
Wed April 26 Baltimore – Metro Gallery
Thu April 27 Philadelphia – Jerry’s on Front 
Fri-Sat April 28-29 Brooklyn – Duke’s Annex
Sun April 30 Boston – The Lilypad Inman

Mon May 1 Providence – Share Space

Record Store Day 2017: Numero Style

It’s that time of the year again. Wait, that’s exactly how we started this off last year. We’ve run out of ideas, folks. From here on out it’s going to be one rehash after another, as we trot out both tired tropes and borderline product in a vein attempt at maintaining RSD cred. We’ve tried to do interesting things in the past, be it WTNG or Los Alamos Grind! Our hope was that the average RSD chud-thumber might need a break from flipping past 311 triple 11” box sets, Feldman & Haim rap 12”s, and Mac Demarco reading fan tweets EPs. But it turns out that most people just want the same reheated garbage every year. You’ve been burned before with long lines and punishing prices, and if we get our way it’ll be more of the same, with hopefully longer lines and even higher prices. Who are we to argue with your terrible life choices?

But this is Numero, after all, and if we’re going to go big, we’re going to do it in a way that surely frustrates record buyers. In the past when we trotted out Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr. sets, we pressed them in quantities that insured against the flipper economy. We wanted to make enough so that average fans who didn’t set up tents on the street the night before RSD would have a chance to buy our wares at an affordable price. Not this year. This year we’re pressing just enough copies to make you wonder if we actually pressed anything at all. The only way you’ll know for sure is if you come to one of our pop up stores (details below), pop a tent, or get a bowl of Pop Secret in your lap for the long, dark night of eBay refreshing for the soul.


NUM710 White Zombie: Gods on Voodoo Moon 7”

Recorded in two hours as the cheapest studio in the phone book, White Zombie’s sophomore single Gods On Voodoo Moon is back in print on 45 for the first time since bassist Sean Yseult hand-photocopied 300 copies at the Parsons campus print shop in 1985. Limited to 2000 copies on Zombie Blood, Zombie Puss, or Zombie Black colored vinyl.


NUM207 Noise Addict: 10,000 Kids With Guitars 2LP

What does teen spirit smell like, anyway? It might smell something like Noise Addict. Like the real life stars of some sort of choose-your-own-adventure book about pursuing rock stardom, few bands ever led a more charmed existence, springing from the Sydney suburb of Bondi into seemingly overnight international fame as friends and collaborators of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and the Beastie Boys. Through a combination of relentless drive, luck, and an admirable lack of self-doubt, Noise Addict spanned puberty to surpass the haters and join Radio Birdman and Nick Cave as a strange but permanent piece of Australian punk history.

Compiled here are 25 tracks, including their Evan Dando-worshipping satire “I Wish I Was Him,” the Thurston Moore produced demo, choice cuts from their Grand Royal-issued EP and LP, and covers of “Let’s Lynch The Landlord” and “Back In Your Life.” The entire sordid adolescent tale is covered in incredible detail inside the black and white 16 page zine. And finally, for the first time in the history of record pressing, and for no good reason at all, the cover for 10,000 Kids With Guitars doubles as a working chalkboard. Limited to 2000 copies on black vinyl.


NBR008 Southwest Side Story Volume 19

There are hundreds of bootlegs out there to sate the ravenous soulero set, and so often they incorporate songs in the vast Numero catalog. Rather than beat them, Numero joins them with our answer to the iconic East Side Story series. Eschewing our classic look and standard-bearing copious notes for sardonic artwork and impeccable selections, Numbero is proud to present a ‘bootleg’ you can be proud of (because it’s all licensed). This time we’ve set our sights on the most unique of soul cultures: the irreplicable melting pot of San Antonio. Included here are all songs never before issued other than in minuscule pressings on 45, never distributed outside of Bexar County limits.

The Southwest Side Story rolas are obscure everywhere in the United States while eliciting intense nostalgia on the South and West Sides of San Antonio to this day. This could be a greatest hits of DJs like Henry Pena, who began his rein in the ’60s and continues it today with many of these same selections. Including such local luminaries as the Royal Jesters, Sonny Ace, the Dreamliners, Al Castana, Dino Bazan & the Dell Tones, George Jay & the Rockin’ Ravens, the Eptones, the Volumes, and Henry Pena, who never fully disappeared from view in the Alamo City. This nicely supplements our other San Antonio collections without redundancy. Limited to 2000 copies on black vinyl.

Numero Group Pop Up Stores: Chicago & Atlanta

With the Factory Outlet tour and Record Store Day overlapping, we decided to set up not one, but two stores on April 22nd 2017. As has been our habit for the last four years in Chicago, we’re setting up in Logan Square’s Comfort Station from 10-5PM. In addition to an assortment of trusted dealers shucking used 45s and LPs, we’ll have every in-print Numero LP, CD, 45, and whatever other miscellaneous debris we can find on hand at the lowest prices we can afford to sell them at. And, as has been a staple of our sales, we’ll be unloading hundreds of LPs with dinged corners at prices just barely above cost. Condition freaks need not browse these bins, but those looking to round out their Numero collection on the cheap should be sure to bring ample time and cash.

Numero Group Chicago Pop-Up Extravaganza

Saturday, April 22nd 2017
Comfort Station
2579 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

In Atlanta we’ll be doing something much more absurd. Sure, we’ll have all the exclusive items, the dinged stock, and yeah, even a limited-to-200 replica of Sonia Ross’s brilliant Tragar 45 “Every Now And Then” b/w “Let Me Be Free.” But when our art director Henry Owings got involved, we all wanted to crank it up a notch. With the help of our pals at Pabst, we’ve rented a 350 gallon dunk tank. Yes, for the low cost of $1 you will have the chance to dunk a wide array of Atlanta’s most reviled sociopaths, plus Numero founders Ken Shipley and Rob Sevier. All to benefit Camp Olio, an East Atlanta nature-based after school program, because we’re such nice people, and also because the world loves to bring a person down a peg by dunking them in a bath of dirty, lukewarm water.

Numero Group Atlanta Pop-Up Extravaganza w/ Dunk Tank

Saturday, April 22nd 2017
529 Flat Shoals Ave, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask) About the Numero Factory Outlet Tour
October 4, 2016, 11:01 am
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Following a series of successful pop up stores in New York, Chicago, and London, we recently opened a Factory Outlet in our south side Chicago warehouse. Now we’re taking the Outlet on the road for a whistle-stop tour of the West Coast. On sale will be every in-print Numero CD, LP, cassette, 45, t-shirt, poster, and whatever other additional weirdness we can cram into a 15-passenger van. As an added bonus, we have pressed up a tour-only 7” in a quantity of 500, available only at the roving incarnation of our Factory Outlet.

Along the way there will be DJ nights, radio broadcasts, in-store performances, and we’re guessing unscheduled meltdowns? Here is an exhaustive index of where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing along the way.

Friday, 10/7: Bloomington, IN – Secretly Group Pop-Up Bazar – 213 S. Rogers (5pm-9pm)

Saturday 10/8: Kansas City, MO – Mini Bar – 3810 Broadway Rd (12pm-6pm)

       BONUS! 10pm-2am: Numero Group DJ Set @ Mini Bar 

Monday 10/10: Denver, CO – Studio C – 2700 Arapahoe St (2pm-10pm)

Tuesday 10/11: Phoenix, AZ – Hot City Soul Club @ Crescent Lounge – 308 N. 2nd Ave (9pm-2am)

Wednesday 10/12: Phoenix, AZ – MonOrchid – 214 East Roosevelt St (2pm-10pm)

Thursday 10/13: Los Angeles, CA – Rappcats – 5636 York Blvd (12pm-10pm)

       BONUS! 10pm-2am: Funkmosphere @ The Virgil – 4519 Santa Monica Blvd 

Friday 10/14: Los Angeles, CA – Rappcats – 5636 York Blvd (12pm-7pm)

       BONUS!! 5pm: Itasca (in-store performance)

Saturday 10/15: Los Angeles, CA – Rappcats – 5636 York Blvd (12pm-7pm) 

       BONUS!!! 2pm: Ned Doheny (in-store performance)

Dublab will be broadcasting LIVE from Rappcats/12-6pm on Friday, 12-8pm on Saturday

Sunday 10/16: Berkeley, CA – Avalon Berkeley – 651 Addison St (12pm-8pm)

       BONUS! 9pm-2am: Sweater Funk @ The Knockout – 3223 Mission St (San Francisco) (DJ)

Monday 10/17: Berkeley, CA – Avalon Berkeley – 651 Addison St (12pm-8pm)

Tuesday 10/18: Berkeley, CA – Avalon Berkeley – 651 Addison St (12pm-8pm)

Thursday 10/20: Portland, OR – The Cleaners – 403 SW 10th Ave (12pm-10pm)

BONUS! 9pm-2am: Dig-A-Pony – 736 SE Grand Ave (DJ)

Friday 10/21: Seattle, WA – Seattle Center – 472 1st Ave North (12pm-8pm)

Saturday 10/22: Seattle, WA – Seattle Center – 472 1st Ave North (10am-8pm)


For up-to-the-moment details and delirium, follow us on these platforms:




A Place Called Bad: The Complete Works of OZ Punk Pioneers, The Scientists (Pre-Order + Exclusives)
May 16, 2016, 4:21 pm
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“The Scientists proved to me that rock ‘n’ roll could be played by gentlemen in fine silk shirts half unbuttoned and still be dirty, cool and real.”
—Thurston Moore

“They wrote fantastic singles and looked like they just crawled out of the ooze. What more could you ask for?”
—Warren Ellis

“The Scientists turned my head around and made a man out of me! They grew hair on my palms and made my socks stink!”
—Jon Spencer

With a sound that was swampy, primal and modern-urban all at once—as much in the tradition of rock n’ roll and punk rock as it was a rejection of those things, the Scientists’ formula was as universal as it was specific to their own experience. The themes of getting wasted, driving around in hotted-up cars, being trapped in crap jobs, and paranoia were their subject matter. Machine throb bass and drums with jagged car-wreck guitars were their modus operandi. Fitting into no place or time they spurned all but the most rudimentary and elemental of rock structures to create a sound all their own.


The Scientists: A Place Called Bad 

4CD includes complete studio recordings, live recordings, and a previously unissued set from Adelaide UniBar, plus dozens of previously unpublished photographs, discography, and fold out Perth Punk family tree.

2LP version boils the box down to 23 essentials, plus unpublished photographs, discography, and fold out Perth Punk family tree.

Deluxe mail-order only version includes previously unissued Cheap Nasties 7″ EP (limited to 1000) or 10 song cassette (limited to 100)!


December 21, 2015, 9:57 am
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Do you have a favorite Numero Group record from 2015? The Numero Group’s staff numbskulls wrestled for a while, took a vote (making the wrestling sort of pointless), and came up with this Top Ten list, starting with from #10 (like David Lettermen would have done)…

unwound-empire-210. Unwound—Empire

Four years after reaching out to Justin, Vern, and Sara, we finally put our long running series of Unwound box sets to bed with the biggest of bangs: their swan song Leaves Turn Inside You coupled with the nervously broken Challenge For A Civilized Society. After beginning with rough brown kraft paper on Kid Is Gone, we moved into buff kraft for Rat Conspiracy, and stark white for No Energy, Empire pushed the ’90s paper trajectory to its logical conclusion: black on black with a high gloss finish.Not everybody is so lucky to crystalize their legacy so nicely,” Justin Trosper said. “I can’t really think of a better way to put the capstone on the whole experience. It’s given us a lot to reflect on and allowed me to process things that were left open. That period of my life was very defining and it’s nice to be able to move on but also have a beautiful document for other people to experience and learn from.”—Ken Shipley

saved-and-sanctified-songs-of-the-jade-label-29. Saved and Sanctified: Songs of the Jade Label

Not unlike the thirteen performers on this single disc slab of Sunday morning rock and roll, Numero has a knack for making it look easy. Well, it’s not easy, but loving what you do helps, and we do, and so did the Southern Faith Singers, and everyone else on Saved & Sanctified: Songs of the Jade Label. Gene Cash established Jade in Chicago in 1963, and kept at it for a dozen years, turning out countless recordings, most of which have never been heard by even the most fanatical gospel heads. As a project there’s not even that much to say about this onethe music speaks for itself and there’s not that much to add except to say we’re proud of this one.—By Committee  royal-jesters-english-oldies-2

8. Royal JestersEnglish Oldies 

Its always such a thrill to cut right to the heart of a local music scene, and The Royal Jesters’ English Oldies compilation did just this. So rare is it that local fans come out to support in the way that San Anto fans brought their love for Royal Jesters that we were totally unprepared for the initial demand. People were coming from all around South Texas just to get a chance to see their beloved Jesters in the (admittedly, wrinkled) flesh. The CD was so desireable in town we had every little Tejano shop that wouldn’t normally give us the time of day calling us up for copies. It felt like the old world record business where a record takes off unexpectedly and we were scrambling to get the product in all the local stores. Our release party was truly Jester-mania, with a line of ravenous fans around the block waiting for a glimpse of their beloved stars.—Rob Sevier


7. White Eyes—S/T

An exciting by-product of our “leave no stone unturned” approach to reissues is stumbling upon completely unissued material. While researching what would eventually become Local Customs: Cavern Sound, a lone business card for Missouri booking agency New Sound Projections and a sparse 1-sheet for a band called White Eyes would lead us to a sublime album of late-’60s psychedelia. Fans of Jefferson Airplane, Pisces, The Guess Who and dare we say it, Head-era Monkees, will undoubtedly fall in love with this road-hardened band that just never caught their big break.—Dustin Drase


6. Edge Of Daybreak—Eyes Of Love

Eyes of Love really stands out to me as one of the most outstanding Numero artifact of this year—danceable grooves, positive messages, and an  unlikely origin story. The overwhelming sense of optimism in the lyrics and music contrasts beautifully with the dark and grimy acoustics of the prison walls, and teaches us how to not be a prisoners of the past. I’m especially glad that all of these guys are free to enjoy this record’s rerelease and still looking sharp!—Stephen Arndt


5. Elyse Weinberg—Grease Paint Smile 

The Laurel Canyon scene produced several of the all time greatest SSW albums (Sweet Baby James, Blue, Tapestry, just to name a few). One of the things I love about the scene, was how so many legendary artists lived just a few blocks away from each other, drank coffee, ate meals, wrote songs, did drugs, and had sex with one another. It’s no doubt that this collaborative community is responsible generating so many amazing records over the course of just a few years.

Greasepaint Smile is a near perfect embodiment of the scene. It straddles the line between traditional and progressive folk, featuring a Carter family classic “Gospel Ship” butted against the politically driven “Collection Bureau.” And like most Laurel Canyon scene LPs, Greasepaint featured heavies like Neil Young and Nils Lofgren who made pro bono contributions of the face-melting variety. Yet the resultant long-player is simply more raw than any of it’s counterparts that were picked up by major labels. Seemingly Weinberg wasn’t interested in what L.A. had become. While David Crosby ingested a mountain of cocaine in the back of a limousine somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, she quietly packed up and left the City of Angels forever leaving Greasepaint unreleased.—Blake Rhein 


4. Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party 

Being a film major (at University of Iowa, but still), this was my first big visual project for Numero. The DVD that accompanies this set of high energy, post-disco tracks is only 80 minutes long, but it was culled from 12 hours of footage, most of which I watched 5 times over. So even though I am still undergoing therapy to get the Chicago Party theme out of my head, I will always cherish the time I spent with the ladies of MC2, the mostly naked contortionist, and the tutorial on the “electronics pinball machine” or Pac-Man as it’s more commonly called today.—Adam Luksetich

ork-records-new-york-new-york-23. Ork Records: New York, New York

Despite the issues inherent in romanticizing any historic period, when asked the old “If you could live in any time” question, the only reasonable answer I have is: “New York, late seventies.” In my defense (and for evidence of what might be the last heroic moment in Art history), I submit, the Ork Records boxed set. Displaying all the attributes of a revolutionary movement, these kids are willfully isolated, self proclaimed, highly aware, in opposition. As a simulacrum, the images and music therein do a pretty good job of capturing that feeling. Get into it for the glamorous depravity of Richard Hell’s torn triangles, stay for the postmodern paranoia of the Feelies… or Susan Springfield’s no-prisoners bravado. Oh, and that’s Basquiat’s “SAMO” scrawled on the door behind those two laughing women, and then there are a bunch of intentionally bad Stones covers that are actually really good, and who can forget the unknown hero giving us the double bird from the back seat of Charles Ball’s car? The thousands of photos we had to pass on are a testamentthe observers of this scene knew something special was happening. So yeah, helping make this document is as close as I will ever get to stepping into a time machine.—Tim Breen


2. Jeff Cowell—Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold 

This thing tossed up and around a year ago? I’m not from Michigan—a Hoosier boy myself—but I think if I would of been kicking about up North in 1974, I would of bumped into Cowell at every darkened corner, bottles up. Can’t imagine that the landscape and environment are much different than down in my neck of the woods. It’s all still grabbing on to the night with some brews packed in your bag, heading into the woods, waiting for school days to leave you behind. Finding women—drinking—bearing a HEAVY LOAD. I mean, the guy had a softened heart. Who would have even noticed that puppy the old boy is gripping in his arms right in the midst of his whole rainwear set? Was our boy a Gemini? Down in the gutter—I’ll see you there, all days before Cowell.—Drew Davis


1. Universal Togetherness BandS/T

I guess I’m not surprised to see the Universal Togetherness Band at the top of this list; I think we all work at the Numero Group, hoping to encounter at least one Universal Togetherness Band during our tenure. For those of you just joining us, this quintet was completely undocumented and the music was completely unreleased. Where did we find them? On a 3/4″ U-Matic video cassette lip-synching on the illuminated dance floor of the CopHerBox II nightclub at 117th and Halsted, 1982. Oh, and the music? Imaginative, inspiring, uplifting, extraterrestrial soul music, pulled straight from the magnetic tape, and mixed in ultra-high fidelity by the remarkable Sean Marquand. To me, it’s the prototypical Numero release… plus, it’s from Chicago? As bandleader Andre Gibson entered the office each day with a bag of tapes and a smile, everyone got to experience the excitement of making a Numero record in real time. If you enjoy truly unique dance music, that which is impossible to categorize or compartmentalize, you’re on the right track. And if you happen to be a curmudgeonly reissue skeptic who thinks that there’s nothing left out there to excavate from the catacombs of music history, I encourage you to check out the Universal Togetherness Band before you embarrass yourself any further.—Jon Kirby

Your Orders Are Happening (We Promise)
August 31, 2015, 2:30 pm
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First of all, we want to thank EVERYBODY for helping lighten the load here at Numero HQ. We gave you folks an extremely rare opportunity to dig deep into our back catalog for an outrageous rate and most of you, simply put, WENT OFF.

However, our fulfillment center is not the automated robot prison that you might imagine. All orders are hand-picked and hand-packed by our small-but-mighty team of ordinary human beings. There’s gonna be all kinds of flats and corners and padding in these things, so that your records look stunning upon arrival. The outpouring of support/enthusiasm/wallet stuffing was very much appreciated, and we know all of you will be absolutely delighted with your purchases. But, we’re going to need a little time.

Today alone we shipped FIVE pallets of orders. FIVE! We were here over the weekend packing orders. It was fun! You may have already received tracking information, and you are welcome (encouraged!) to use the USPS website to track your package as it begins its journey from our warehouse to your heart. Sometimes the post office doesn’t scan the package in. Sometimes we print postage (automatically generating a tracking number), yet a few days go by before we can get everything boarded up and boxed. This is to say, there are a million various scenarios that can cause some confusion as to how and when you’ll be receiving your order.

We’re trying to stay on top of emails, but we’ve gotten a lot of them. Lots of them say “WHERE ARE MY RECORDS?!” We’re here to tell you, they’re on the way. We promise. We can’t send them all at once, but they will all get sent.

So thank you so much for being a part of our chaos.

Love, The Numero Group

P.S. We intended to run this sale through Sunday at midnight but we were accidentally looking at a calendar from 1980. We have extended the sale until Monday, August 31st at 11:59pm. No excuses!

Numero Moving Sale: Pre-2015 Catalog Wholesale Prices
August 24, 2015, 2:12 pm
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Behold—the former site of the Success Bottling Works, the future site of the Numero Group.

We, like you, hate moving. There’s never enough boxes, renting a truck is miserable (89 cents a mile?!?), and waiting for the cable guy is a Samuel Beckett play come to life. Since the end of the July we’ve been operating out of two buildings, our new digs on Troy Street (an old bottling factory turned into a body shop turned into a record company) and our beloved brick two flat on Marshall Blvd. And while our computers are humming and record players turning at Troy (seven for the office at last count), we’ve got tens of thousands of 45s, LPs, and CDs on the shelves at Marshall that cannot be moved because we physically don’t have boxes to move them in (We do have thousands of mailers, however). This is where you come in.

As our lease expires August 31st, we are having a once in a decade sale on our website. Every single item released prior to 2015 will be on sale at wholesale prices. That means that the price we sell these to record stores at is now your price. Let’s dumb it down even further: The price you pay at a record store? Cut that in half. That’s about as much math as we’re going to do here, but feel free to correct us on the exact discount percentage in the comments section when you place you order. Ridicule encouraged!

Let us be extremely clear: Almost every one of the nearly 300 records we’ve made will be on sale for seven days at wholesale prices. Here’s a few examples of the savings you could experience:

Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound 4XLP. Normally $85, now $55!
Codeine: When I See The Sun 6XLP+3CD. Normally $75, now $52!
Dinosaur Jr: Visitors 5×7”. Normally $35, now $22!
Sandy Denny & the Strawbs: All Our Own Work 2LP. Normally $20, now $13.50!

The list goes on and on. If you know anything about us, you know we subscribe to the Elaine Benes school of exclamation usage. But look at all those excited punctuation marks up there. That’s how serious about moving these records we are. Are you in Chicago and want to come down here and dig through the detritus? Get in touch and we’ll let you rummage around. Just bring cash and your own box! Already panicking about Xmas gifts? Let us help you remove that burdensome money from your account now!

The Best Of The Best Show on Late Night with Seth Meyers
May 21, 2015, 2:49 pm
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Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.43.17 PMLast Thursday, Tom Scharpling, Jon Wurster, and The Best of The Best Show box set made their conjoined national television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers. After a long day of press around midtown Manhattan, the fellas settled into the backstage area of Rockefeller Center’s studio 8G (adjacent studio 8H where SNL tapes). Several on the Late Night writing and producing staff checked in to congratulate Tom and Jon on the success of the boxed set and their recognition from late night television. Be sure to check out the entire interview—last segment on the video—and bear witness Late Night‘s first ever group hug. Big thanks to our incredible publicist Jacob Daneman at Pitch Perfect PR for making this happen.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.20.52 AM

The Numero Group To Release Scharpling & Wurster: The Best Of The Best Show Boxed Set
October 16, 2014, 10:45 am
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Out box die cut line



Culled from the vaults of WFMU—the world’s most acclaimed free-form radio station—comes over 20 hours of mind-bending, hilarious phone calls between the renowned comedy duo of Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster. From 2000 to 2013, their tremendous imaginations took over the WFMU airwaves every Tuesday night with bizarre tales from a fictional town called Newbridge, NJ and the desperate denizens that inhabit it. Conan O’Brien has said “Scharpling & Wurster are keeping the fine art of two-person comedy alive. Some of the funniest stuff out there!

Included inside this definitive collection are 75 calls over 16 compact discs, edited by Scharpling & Wurster (over 50 of them previously unreleased or unaired), a 108-page hardcover book with cover art by Joe Matt that features essays by Patton Oswalt, Julie Klausner, Damian Abraham (lead singer of F*cked Up) and Best Show associate producer Michael Lisk (aka A.P. Mike), a definitive interview with Scharpling & Wurster by Jake Fogelnest, notes on the evolution and inspiration behind each bit written by Scharpling & Wurster, a USB drive (housed in a cassette tape) with all of 75 calls plus 4 hours of bonus material, a fold-out map of Newbridge, Philly Boy Roy & Timmy von Trimble Paper Dolls, postcards, and temporary tattoos with The Best Show catch-phrases.

For everyone that pre-orders the boxed set at they will literally get a piece of history – everybody gets a portion of Jon Wurster’s smashed telephone that he used to make the Rock, Rot & Rule phone call, along with a tiny letter of authenticity. Scharpling & Wurster: The Best of the Best Show will be released on March 17th via The Numero Group.



“Scharpling & Wurster are keeping the fine art of two-person comedy alive. Some of the funniest stuff out there!” – Conan O’Brien

“Listen, I’m not going to sugar coat it; this is a 16 CD boxed set of phone calls. Almost everything about this is technologically redundant. However, I promise this is one of the funniest things you’ll ever own. Scharpling and Wurster are the greatest.” – John Oliver

“Scharpling & Wurster are like an old married couple. Except when they argue it’s funny and not depressing. This collection includes hours of fake calls, fake outrage, and fake knowledge. The real part is that it’s always funny.” – Amy Poehler

“I love Scharpling & Wurster. Their comedy has brought me so much pleasure over the years. And now with this boxed set, you can either relive the magic or experience their classic comedy for the first time. All for the price of $2,500.” – Paul Rudd

“Scharpling & Wurster are purveyors of some of the most bizarre and brilliant comedy I’ve heard in ages. If you want your brain thoroughly melted, this  collection should do the trick nicely.” – “Weird Al” Yankovic

“Scharpling & Wurster in a boxed set! What more ‘darkness’ could a girl with ‘edge’ want? – Kim Gordon

“These twisting, strange, impossibly funny dialogues describe a world as complete as any novel, and a style of comedy no one has ever done before, because no one else can.” – John Hodgman

“Scharpling & Wurster (not in that order) are top shelf comedic surgeons.” –  Zach Galifianakis

“I’ve been listening to the Scharpling & Wurster conversations for a long time now, probably ten years or more and it’s all just utterly side-splitting shit.” – Robert Pollard

“Scharpling &Wurster are the ultimate dynamic duo from another dimension of comedy: previously uncharted… presently untouchable. I would know, I only stalk the best. – Kurt Vile

“Scharpling & Wurster are the Woodward and Bernstein of comedy. Except they didn’t topple a Presidency and Scharpling and Wurster are way funnier.” – Adam McKay


Return of the Twelve Days of Numero
November 26, 2013, 5:36 pm
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Starting Friday, Numero will be rolling out our Twelve Days of Numero sales. We use this as an opportunity to discount a few items within our ever sprawling catalog, as well as throw a few monkey wrenches to make the collectors sweat. This year we’re doing both.

78-SpreadEver seen that? Probably not. Why? Because it was commissioned for a large company’s 78th anniversary and was only available free to their employees. Several thousand were pressed, but for the most part, we’re betting these things are sitting on various cubicle shelves. It’ll be years before these employees move on and dump them at their local record shop, which means that you, dear Numero customer, have almost no shot of owning one. Until right now.

Late in the summer, our own trusty shipping manager Adam “Lucky” Luksetich turned up 200 extra copies while cleaning out our garage. Unable to sell them, we are going to give you, our loyal customers, one free copy every time you purchase a Twelve Days of Numero deal. You can purchase as many deals as you want and flip them for big money on eBay. We don’t care.

What’s on it? Side A is Otis Brown’s “Southside Chicago.” Side B has La Union’s “Chicago, Latino.” Here’s the kicker: It only plays at 78 RPM. If you don’t have a turntable that adjusts to this speed, you probably won’t be able to enjoy it. But as we know most of you buy records just to put on your shelves as monuments to 21st century excess, it probably doesn’t matter. Either way, there’s only 200 and we know they’re going to sell out. We’ll adjust the deals as soon as we sell out of the item, so don’t wait around for the perfect deal. It might not come or it might be too late.

You say you already own every Numero record in existence? Ever heard of giving the gift of Numero?