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Album For Sale: Jeff Cowell’s Upper Peninsula PR Campaign
March 13, 2015, 11:14 am
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Album For Sale

As we detailed in this blog post, Jeff Cowell’s corner of Michigan is a fascinating wonderland of locals, yokels, and all-around friendly folk from America’s Heartland. Issued privately four decades ago, Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold is unknown to most, even in the neighborly community of Iron Mountain. Considered front page news to us at the Numero Group, we can’t be upset with these precious picas inside The Iron Mountain Daily News. Doubling down on our chances of engaging the reader, Cowell took out a few classified ads, reiterating the points of the article in retail parlance.



If it is in any way unclear where you can purchase this album at this point, you can buy it on our website by clicking this link. If you’ve got to wait until payday to pull the trigger on this remarkable long player, feel free to keep this business card in your e-wallet as a reminder.


Way Out on Cleveland Public Radio
August 21, 2014, 2:05 pm
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Yesterday, our own Jon Kirby joined Way Out VP Bill Branch and Sound Of Applause host Dee Perry for a roundtable discussion on the history of Way Out Records, and the role the label played in the maturation of Cleveland’s music scene. The WCPN staffers picked their favorite tracks from Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label, and Bill Branch discusses the heartache associated with hearing so many beautiful productions that failed to find an audience at the time of their initial release.

Stream, download, or share yesterday’s episode of The Sound Of Applause at

Numero’s Jon Kirby Explains Beach Music On WBEZ
January 29, 2014, 11:18 am
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While traipsing through the prolific career of songwriter Lamont Dozier last Friday on The Morning Shift, host Tony Sarabia played a more curious cut from the Motown luminary’s catalog—1981’s “Cool Me Out.” Dozier declared (and Wikipedia decreed) that this song is a “beach music hit,” a term that perked the ears of Sarabia. Not wanting the music of his native Carolinas to go misunderstood, our own resident Shag-ologist Jon Kirby left a message at WBEZ, which aired yesterday inside The Morning Shift.

The Morning Shift with Tony Sarabia airs weekday mornings from 8:50-10am on WBEZ (91.5-FM)

P.S. The song at that segment’s close is “Hey I Know You” by the Monzas, a certain contender should Numero ever mint a Beach Music compilation. Should said catalog entry ever materialize, this Lowlands-eque snapshot will certainly be in the running for cover images.


City Pages Talks Lewis Connection
March 14, 2013, 11:10 am
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Lewis Connection

We stop by Hymie’s Vintage Records in Minneapolis each and every time we visit the Twin Cities, and were thrilled to learn that owner and proprietor Dave Hoenack had been solicited by the City Pages to write about our recently unleashed Lewis Connection LP. Basically, Dave gets it. He’s seen a few precious copies of this privately pressed oddity rise resurface over the years, and understands better than most the real reason why this 1979 release is significant (hint: it’s not because Prince Rogers Nelson plays on it).

If you can’t make it to Hymie’s, where The Lewis Connection is prominently displayed on the wall above their Local section, sled or snowshoe on over to our web store for sound clips and/or to purchase. 

Read: “The Lewis Connection: Resurrecting a Legendary Album.




Stewart Lee Rewrites The Medusa Press Release
February 5, 2013, 11:32 am
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“First Step Beyond’s decontextualised Neanderthal heaviness confuses itself and everyone who comes into contact with it, like a caveman in a Disney film who gets transported to 60s suburbia, takes a dump in Mom’s Tupperware and wears her diaphragm as a hat.”

With lines like that, he could easily land a job as Numero Group’s in-house publicist. Unfortunately, he’s already employed as Britain’s leading expert on Derek Bailey (not to mention being officially the 41st Best Stand Up Ever).

Alfonso Lovo In The Wire
November 20, 2012, 2:35 pm
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It should go without saying that we at the Numero Group are unapologetic Alfonso Lovo fans. Still, it’s nice to find folks with who your tastes jibe. The Wirepublished in the UK but read/respected globally—thought enough of our latest LP to spill ink on Lovo’s lysergic opus. Drawing spiritual comparisons to fellow cosmonauts Shuggie Otis and Sixto Rodriguez, writer Richard Henderson hits the nail on the head with his succinct review of Lovo’s eight-song neutron bomb. Regarding Roman Cerpas’ adventurous mixing, Henderson says what we’re all thinking: “The engineer controlling that recirculating tape echo in Lovo’s studio obviously was having a great time.”

Good to the last tab, Alfonso Lovo’s La Gigantona is available at our online store and throughout the mainland. Our UK fans have no doubt found that Honest John’s (among others) is holding, and will be until all adventurous listeners are satisfied. We think you’ll agree: the harsh tokes are actually the best tokes.

Gilles Peterson Digs Numero
November 14, 2012, 3:56 pm
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“Oh yeah. Yeah. This is what I want to hear right now.”

Alfonso Lovo’s BBC Radio debut on Saturday, October 13th was a memorable one, and Gilles Peterson had no shortage of kind words regarding our latest LP. After playing the bulk of Lovo’s “Sinfonia del Espacio en Do Menor,” an enthused Peterson returned to mic to deliver this heartfelt testimonial.

“I think it’s the 50th release from Numero Group [actually 46th -ed.], which is the leading global reissue label. Based out of Chicago, they just spend all their time searching for music—unreleased music—and they keep coming up with gems. Alfonso Lovo, originally from Nicaragua, made this record in 1976. There’s 8 tracks on this record—this is so good! I got it last week, this album. And you know sometimes you get these reissues and they’re alright, they’re good, they’ve got good moments; this whole album is ridiculous, from beginning to end. It’s got everything… I wish I could play you the whole thing.”

Alfonso Lovo, never one to ignore a Google alert, wrote Gilles thanking him for his support. The legendary radio host was so touched that during his November 3rd show, he then read Lovo’s email on-air, referring to him at one point as “the man from Nicaragua who made one of the best Latin psychedelic records of all time.”

We don’t take this critique lightly, and are very grateful to Gilles for continuing to dig our releases, and in particular, for his generous praise of La Gigantona. We feel Alfonso’s unreleased masterpiece deserves every bit of it.

La Gigantona vinyl has arrived, as is available on our online store. Gilles: Can we send you one?

For more musical cues and remarkable tunes, tune into Gilles Peterson’s weekly broadcast/podcast, Saturdays on the BBC.

A New Spin on Numero
September 27, 2012, 4:17 pm
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A few months ago we took a routine trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Following us on that journey was Spin contributing editor David Peisner, simply a fly on the wall of a tumultuous series of meetings and expeditions into the unknown. Although we still question his credibility for not sharing in our zeal for hotel pools, he did a pretty great job of painting a realistic portrait of what a standard road trip consists of: little food, little sleep, significant aggravation.

A neighbor rides up on a bicycle and Shipley asks him if Walter B lives here. It bears mentioning that in this neighborhood — as in so many the Numero guys visit — thirtysomething white guys knocking on doors, sniffing around, and asking questions, look more like undercover cops, debt collectors, process servers, or bail bondsmen than record-label owners.


“What our brand stands for is virtually impossible-to-do projects. Laborious projects with very little return. To do this well, you really have to do this….” Sevier motions to the car, his notebook, and the traffic-clogged streets around us.

From the Desk of Jon Kirby : Brotherman and Dimona

When Ken Shipley called me last Spring and asked, “What are you doing right now?”, I told him the truth. I was in my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC, and I was on my way to purchase Krispy Kreme donuts, alone. It was 1 pm on what is popularly considered “a work day.” Little did I know he was about to offer me a job at the Numero Group, the only drawback to which has been the relative scarcity of Krispy Kreme donuts. I’ve managed to adapt.

Having written about so many Numero releases during my time at Wax Poetics, I was surprised to learn upon my arrival in Chicago that these same titles, those that I had spilt so much honest ink over, were just okay sellers. And while Kid Soul seems a consistent draw, Soul Messages from Dimona and Brotherman seem to have plateaued somewhere in the fiftieth percentile. Soul Messages chronicles the origins of my absolute favorite international vegan soul food franchise, and Brotherman is a thoughtful collection of sophisticated scratch tracks for a Blaxploitation flick unrealized. What else needs to be said? So while I look forward to researching, developing, and catapulting many new Numero titles into the marketplace, I felt compelled to post a few of these articles—to reintroduce myself to all of the label’s fantastic supporters, and reintroduce these fantastic records to folks who may have passed them over in the past. They’re very good records. But don’t take my word for it [cue Reading Rainbow sound bite]!

NPR Shows Love to Cleveland’s Love Apple
April 9, 2012, 4:03 pm
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Although we feel Love Apple’s Boddie-minted rehearsal tape is worth of all manners of praise, it’s always nice to hear sentiments like that echoed by National Public Radio. With the trio’s entire recorded catalog gathering dust  in a converted dairy barn for the better part of three decades, NPR recently saw fit to honor Cleveland, Ohio’s Love Apple, along with a handful of other soulful women whose careers have been recently revisited.

Click here to read and/or hear the NPR spot. 

Click here to view the Love Apple EP at the Numero Store.