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The Numero Group Cassette Show (NTS Radio)
June 30, 2016, 1:47 pm
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For this month’s NTS broadcast, we broke out the boom box and unleashed a whole shoebox of cassette obscurities from our personal collections. Reasoning that cassettes—more than any other singular format—embody a particular aesthetic, we’ve included a gallery of covers to help contextualize the material featured in this set. Rap and new age both experienced booms in the ’80s and therefore represent a large share of the program. However, the cassette allowed weirdos of all persuasions and abilities to circulate their output affordably (see above). Here’s a few favorites:


Split Image – S/T (1990) ℅ Technical Difficulty Productions, Houston, TX



Semply Fressh Posse – The Adventures of the… (1994) Jah International, Jamestown, NC



V/A – Mountain Valley Music (1990) John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC



Sounds Of Papa New Guinea (unknown) Swinging Axe Productions, Northridge, CA



Stephan Micus – Ocean (1986) Self-Released, Ludwigsburg, Germany



Spring – Funkin’ With The Rhythm and Blues (1995) Sounds of Spring Music, Clemmons, NC



Hill Tribe Music (1992) Disco Cassette Chiangmai, Thailand


Honey Dipp – Honey Dipp Style (1995) Kam-Rod Records, Fayetteville, NC

Alternate Universe Cosmic American Podcast
March 10, 2016, 12:42 pm
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We initiated our NTS podcast to give you a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the music and musicians that we champion here at the Numero Group. Yesterday’s broadcast was a watershed show for us, with multiple artist interviews, alternative cuts from our Cosmic American allies, and some choice nuggs/visions of Jerry from the infamous shipping department known simply as #TheDeadZone. Click here to check the broadcast in question and stay tuned for more music and “jubilant, nerdy record chat.”


Holiday Mix and Studs Terkel’s Train Ride to Washington
January 19, 2015, 2:47 pm
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During our collective morning commutes, many of us stumbled upon hometown frequency WBEZ to discover a fascinating series of interviews, conducted by Chicago luminary Studs Terkel during his train ride from Chicago to Washington on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Terkel’s conversations with fellow passengers provides a unique look into attitudes, predictions, and the overall state of things in 1963. Recommended.

Likewise, we’ve assembled this holiday playlist. Enjoy.


Rob Sevier on Dublab
January 13, 2015, 12:26 pm
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Rob Sevier received the Southwest Fare-Saver email and unlike the rest of us, he pulled the trigger, escaping Chicago on the eve of -35 degree wind chill factors that cancelled not one but two days of school. Since, he’s been traipsing around picturesque Los Angeles, doing all manners of cool things, like playing records at Dublab. If you are unaware, Dublab is a great internet radio station that offers a sun-soaked, Kodachrome glimpse into the musical culture of greater Los Angeles. You can actually feel the heat coming out of the speaker (citation needed)!



Curtis, the Brothers – You Make Everything Better – Bell
Levi McNeal – I Like Your Stuff – Stompey
The Standing Ovation – C.G.O. – Raja
Aphrodite’s Child – Funky Mary – Mercury
Muse – Sunshine Road – Nova
Family Man – Gideon’s High – Gideon
Nadie La Fond – Three Way Situation – Yolk
Aguabella – I Wanna Know – Epsilon
Iron Force – Sweet Poison – AMG
The Care Package – The Storm – Jocelynn
Universal Togetherness Band – Ain’t Gonna Cry – Numero
Universal Togetherness Band – Try, Try, Try – Numero
Gloria Ann Taylor – Love Is A Hurting Thing – Selector Sound
Just Us – Now – Tonce
The Relatives – More Time – Archway
Small Society – Just Loving You – Cadde

Listen or Download at


Numero Group on NTS Radio (London)
October 13, 2014, 1:23 pm
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While Barnstorming the United Kingdom last month, Ken Shipley and Rob Sevier stopped by NTS Radio to contribute a couple hours of content to the station’s jewel-encrusted programming. We fell for NTS back in March, when the station set up at Numero HQ for six hours, broadcasting live from our little villa in Little Village. By comparison, two hours was a cinch! Plus the scenery from NTS’s storefront DJ booth on Gillette Square in Hackney was far more engaging than the icy confines of Marshall Boulevard in the living undead of winter. Enjoy!


Stream all SIX HOURS of our @NTSLive takeover
March 10, 2014, 1:36 pm
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NTS-studioOn Saturday, March 8th, our very own Rob Sevier, Ken Shipley, Dustin Drase, and Jon Kirby were handed the keys to the UK’s venerable online radio station NTS. If you weren’t able to blow your entire day off listening to internet radio, fear not! It has been archived for your listening pleasure.

The six hours breaks down as such:

Hour 1: Eccentric Soul

Hour 2: Darkscorchers

Hour 2.5: Psych-folkers

Hour 3: Yacht Rockers

Hour 4: Purple Stems

Hours 4.5: Cult Cargo

Hour 5: Walking with Jesus

Hour 5.5: Greetings from Ohio

Hour 6: Pizza Party


Sitting in the Park 11th Anniversary
April 27, 2013, 4:04 pm
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Last weekend, besides the usual Record Store Day clusterfuck, also passed the 11th anniversary of the pride of Chicago’s otherwise pretty stodgy radio market, the Sitting in the Park show on WHPK (you may know it from Common Sense lyrics if you’re not from the area or well-versed in Chicago radio). Every anniversary show collects the best new discoveries in 60s, 70s, and 80s vocal harmony soul sounds and is never to be missed. Check it out here, or visit the Sitting in the Park website.