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The Numero Groups Says Goodbye To Prince
April 26, 2016, 12:53 pm
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Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.47.46 PM

The Numero Group is no stranger to loss. Having built a record label around the back-when accomplishments of retirement-age artists, death is an inevitability. Having spent the better part of three years trying to distill the Minneapolis Sound from a smattering of demoes and local releases, we had a molecular understanding of Prince’s role in empowering the musicians of the Twin Cities, shaping pop music in the process. First the Chicago Reader called for some first impressions, then Billboard. Meanwhile, at our Brooklyn pop-up store, Purple Snow evaporated from the bins, then the Lewis Conection LP, then the 94 East 45. All over the country, people were trying to process the passing of this superlative human. Writing these articles was cathartic, as was enabling people new glimpses into Prince’s early career. We were happy to help in any way we could.

Things will get better, but they’ll never be the same. Our deepest condolences go out to all of our Purple Snow players who were lucky enough to witness first-hand the greatness of Prince Rogers Nelson. Our sympathy to his devoted fans, who had to say goodbye to an icon who still had a few decades of greatness left in him. If any of these words or any of these releases can help you gain temporary relief or long-term closure on this tragic loss, then we’ve done our job.


“Prince’s Death Is Easier To Process Than His Supernatural Life” (℅ The Chicago Reader)

“Outside The Purple Fog: Minneapolis Unsung R&B Scene That Yielded Prince” (℅ Billboard)


Various Artists – Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound (4LP/2CD)

The Lewis Conection – S/T (LP)

94 East – The Cookhouse Five (LP) 

94 East – “If You See Me” b/w “Games” (45) 


Pierre Lewis Is In The Commodores
July 23, 2014, 1:37 pm
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Lewis Connection alum and Purple Snow honoree Pierre Lewis has held down many piano benches in his day. But it is his gig with the Commodores that has been putting the most mileage on his passport lately. Below are just a handful of the far-flung stages that the Commodores have lugged Lewis on most recently. With Festival Season in high gear, keep you eyes peeled for the Commodores at festivals and fairs in YOUR city. Because you’d hate to miss an opportunity to get your Purple Snow or Lewis Connection or 94 East autographed by this globetrotter.




Vienna, Austria




St. Lucia



UPDATE: According to Pierre, the last picture was from Vienna, France. We regret the omission.

The Lewis Connection – Still Doing It
November 12, 2013, 11:29 am
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With Pierre in the Twin Cities and Andre outside of Nashville, the Lewis Connection rarely connects. So when the beloved brothers posted this picture (sans Numero logo) on Facebook, the comments poured in from across their common corner of the internet. “How come Andre has no gray hair?” asked one friend. “I don’t know, I don’t have any hair,” replied Pierre. When confronted by a former classmate from St Paul Central, “I still hoop u two !!!! What,” Andre exhibit a pretty thorough awareness of recent alumni match-ups, confessing “in my heart I know they don’t want none of this.” After running through possible scenarios in relation to his abilities, he concluded, “no matter what happens, they will still experience the the agony of defeat.”

While there were dozens of funky local 45s minted during the Purple Snow era, Pierre and Andre Lewis hold the distinction of releasing one of the only (and arguably the strongest) full-length features from the Minneapolis Sound’s early days. We released their misspelled debut a year ago on our JR. imprint, and included a few of our favorite cuts on Purple Snow. Due to the appearance of the word “Prince” under the guitar credit for “Got To Be Something Here,” this LP has been a curiosity among the Artist’s dearly beloved. But just as fascinating to us was the songwriting of New Power Generation bassist Sonny Thompson, to say nothing of the instrumental tribute to Morris Day’s family dog, “Mr. G.”

Purple Snow drops December 3rd. To help retrace the Minneapolis Sound’s baby steps, considering picking up The Lewis Connection on LP or MP3.

Weekend Warriors: 48 Hours in the Twin Cities
August 27, 2013, 10:10 am
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If you know nothing about the Numero process, it typically involves finding a spot on Earth where important music was made, and then boring down into the ground until lava starts bubbling up. After two years spent strip mining the Twin Cities, I was afforded the opportunity to visit the Land of 10,000 as a tourist, not as a detective. Conversations flowed freely, and without the need for note taking. Here are a few cool things that can happen in Minneapolis once you’ve sent Purple Snow to the printers and presses.

1.) You can DJ somewhere:


Brian Engel, Greg Waletski, and George Rodriguez constitute a dense portion of the Minneapolis vinyl firmament. On Friday, they celebrated 11 years of the Hipshaker Dance Party, and invited me to join. Being able to work with and celebrate the musical veterans of the Twin Cities has been an honor, but it’s just as encouraging to receive the blessings of your record collecting peers. These guys (along with friendly rivals Hotpants) are really carrying their weight, keeping old records alive in the Twin Cities.

2.) You can eat at the diner from Alexander O’Neal’s debut album:


Mickey’s Dining Car is a 24/7 institution, located at 36 7th Street in St. Paul. The building in the background has been there as long as the diner, meaning that Alexander’s famous visit was made possible by generous amounts of airbrushing.


In actuality, the scene probably looked more like this:


3.) You can go to the fair:


Just talking about the Minnesota State Fair can shake lose interesting facts from native notables. Bill Gaskill, whose saxophone solos season much of Purple Snow, informed me that his grandfather put together the first traveling midway specifically to play the Minnesota State Fair in 1904. Hymie’s Records owner Dave Hoenack revealed he’d never eaten fried alligator, despite having workied in the Fried Alligator Booth several years consecutively. I visited the Caterpillar Kingdom and met this friendly fellow.


The pressed penny machine offers advice for the ages:


4. You can hang with the Peanuts Gang:


Charles Schultz was from St. Paul.

5. You can go to the Spruce Lounge:


Although it’s changed names over the years, this structure near the corner of 36th Street South and 4th Avenue has been serving refreshments to the community for a half century, and invokes the spirit of many legendary haunts documented in Purple Snow.


A fluctuating cast of local legends perform every Sunday from 6pm – 9pm. Notable participants this week include Herman Jones, Pierre Lewis (The Lewis Connection) and guitarist Johnny McGhee (LTD).



Me and Everett Pettiford of Mind & Matter at the Spruce Lounge. Mind & Matter’s diabolical full-length LP/CD will be available 10/29/13.


Herman Jones with the Herman Jones 45 and Pierre Lewis with the 94 East 45, on which he plays piano.

From Minnesota, with Love…


The Many Phases of Moonsound
July 30, 2013, 10:14 am
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Chris Moon secured his place in Prince’s royal court as co-writer of the suggestive single “Soft and Wet,” featured on the artist’s 1978 debut For You. Having cut a set of keys for the 17-year-old wunderkind upon their first meeting in 1976, Moon would be at ground zero for the prodigious teen’s early immersion into studio tricknology. In actuality, Moon had been incubating black talent in the Twin Cities since the early ’70s, requiring only that pioneering clients provide their own tape for watershed recording sessions. Increasing his meager fees in 5 dollar increments through the ’70s, his migratory studio remained a welcoming place for artists of color who wanted to make R&B music.

Moonsound 1974

Pictured above, 5708 Stevens Ave South was Moon and Moonsound’s home in 1974, where studio rates were $15 an hour.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.06.46 PM

As it correlates to Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, 2828 Dupont was a far more relevant manifestation of Moon’s namesake launching pad. Located next to an automotive impound, this single-story structure hosted soon-to-be legendary recording sessions by Alexander O’Neal, Rockie Robbins, and Aura, many of which are featured on our approaching compilation. The Dupont location even provided the Lewis Connection with a backdrop for this Chris Moon-captured photo, which graced the back of their self-titled LP. More stories about Moonsound’s staff cosmonauts will be revealed this November, when Purple Snow blankets record shelves worldwide.

Lewis Connection

Pierre Lewis On Four Chairs
July 18, 2013, 10:26 am
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While assembling Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, we sorted through binders, boxes, and drawers of photos belonging to dozens of Twin Cities entities. Although we’ve been poring over these images for years now, only yesterday did we notice a young Pierre Lewis (co-star of the brotherly Numero release, The Lewis Connection) was sitting on not one, not two, not three, but FOUR chairs in this early performance by Back to Black at North Minneapolis’s Theodore Wirth Park. Rather than speculate, we decided to call Pierre Lewis and have him weigh in on the topic:


If I had one chair I’d be too low! Look where that first chair is. If I sat on one chair, I’d be under the piano. I damaged my rotary cuff like that once before from, lifting my hands up in the air, you know, like Frankenstein? It was four or five months before it healed. That had to be between ’72 and ’73, based on the shirt I’m wearing. That was the uniform we had in Back to Black. If I stood up, I’d have to bend over to play the Rhodes. Because in that picture, I’m like 5′ 3″, 5′ 4″… 5′ 5″ at the most. After I turned 18, that’s when I really started growing. Because I’m 5′ 10″ now. I would only need one chair now. Two at the most. 

Pierre Lewis, who now stands when he plays, is one of many colorful individuals featured in Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, available 11/12/13.

City Pages Talks Lewis Connection
March 14, 2013, 11:10 am
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Lewis Connection

We stop by Hymie’s Vintage Records in Minneapolis each and every time we visit the Twin Cities, and were thrilled to learn that owner and proprietor Dave Hoenack had been solicited by the City Pages to write about our recently unleashed Lewis Connection LP. Basically, Dave gets it. He’s seen a few precious copies of this privately pressed oddity rise resurface over the years, and understands better than most the real reason why this 1979 release is significant (hint: it’s not because Prince Rogers Nelson plays on it).

If you can’t make it to Hymie’s, where The Lewis Connection is prominently displayed on the wall above their Local section, sled or snowshoe on over to our web store for sound clips and/or to purchase. 

Read: “The Lewis Connection: Resurrecting a Legendary Album.




Why does every new LP at a record store cost $30? (Syl Johnson’s first two LPs are back in print for $15 a pop)
February 26, 2013, 8:50 am
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JR7-8-webIn the years preceding our issue of Complete Mythology, the only way you could purchase a new Syl Johnson album on vinyl was via shoddy bootleg. The packaging was terrible and the mastering was lifeless. We thought we’d solved the problem with our 6LP and 4CD box set, but it turns out there’s a whole slew of people who aren’t into “complete” anything. This week we’re making it a little cheaper to own a piece of Syl Johnson’s catalog by putting his first two LPs—Dresses Too Short and Is It Because I’m Black—back in print on their original format. There are no liner notes or extra tracks, just the LPs as they were intended, albeit with a superior mastering job, heavy weight vinyl, a tip-on jacket, and a little obi to make the albums stand out in the bins.

The best part? The price. Each LP is only $15.

Numero started the Jr. line to put rare LPs back in print at a price you can afford. We’re sick of walking into record stores and seeing new LPs at outrageous prices, and thought you might be too. Once a month we’ll issue an album in its original form, but at our quality standards.

The first eight are as follows:

Jr.001 Shoes: One In Versailles

Jr.002 Shoes: Bazooka

Jr.003 Shoes: Black Vinyl Shoes

Jr.004 Shoes: Pre-Tense: Demos 1978-1979

Jr.005 Circuit Rider: S/T

Jr.006 Lewis Connection: S/T

Jr.007 Syl Johnson: Dresses Too Short

Jr.008 Syl Johnson: Is It Because I’m Black

And coming soon…

Jr.009 Otis G. Johnson: Everything-God Is Love ’78

Jr.010 Centaura: Lawdy Lawdy Lawd

Jr.011 Rokk: I Want To Get High

Jr.012 The Sixth Station: Deep Night


Extra! Extra! Lewis Connection in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
February 25, 2013, 1:12 pm
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Pierre Lewis is best known in the Numero universe as one of the fearless co-pilots of the Lewis Connection’s self-titled LP, recently reissued on our Junior imprint. But around the Twin Cities, Pierre is regarded as one of the most talented keyboardists to emerge from the Land of 10,000 Lakes during the Minneapolis Sound’s primordial era. Having recorded with 94 East in their infancy and Joss Stone at her peak, it is an ancient association with Prince Rogers Nelson that seems to trail the talented keyboardist most persistently. While engaging in a little Princeploitation themselves, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune took the time recently to celebrate modern Pierre in his element, entertaining a well-dressed crowd at the Lux Lounge in South Minneapolis. It was here that we first met Pierre face-to-face, and where the Lewis Connection’s Numero-sanctioned debut was initiated. The Lewis Connection is available in our on-line store; autographs are available each Sunday at the Lux Lounge (3836 4th Av. S) from 5pm-8pm. Ask for Pierre.

Read the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Lewis Connection article here at


Misspellings and Dudes Yelling : Coming This January
November 16, 2012, 3:24 pm
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1. Lewis Connection – Midwest funk with a loose clutch, brothers and St. Paul natives Pierre and Andre Lewis captured the “Minneapolis Sound” in its infancy (1979) with this engaging LP. Rumor has it, their budget was so tight, they could only afford 2 of the 3 Ns needed to spell their name (see above). Pitchfork thought it was worth mentioning, and is streaming “Higher” as we speak. 

2. Medusa – Screen printed on black velvet, it’s not impossible to imagine Beavis and Butthead head-banging to the infectious riff that accompanies this informative video.

3. Signs of the Time – “Hurts So Bad” b/w “I Think of You’

For fans of the Elements of Peace track off Omnibus, a pair of unreleased takes by producer Mel Turnage comprise the newest addition to our 45 series. Have a listen to Signs of the Time’s deep interpretation of “Hurts So Bad.”