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The Numero Subscription 2015
April 1, 2015, 9:10 am
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There is probably no lobbying group more influential within our organization than the Numero Group subscribers. Not a meeting goes by where the feelings, emotions, and potential reactions of our loyal listeners are not discussed. Monday, we’ll be sending a fashionable transmission out to each of these lovely folks. Those who subscribed in 2014 will receive this sharp Twinight records pin and those who subscribe in 2015 will receive this regal Ork pendant. We mention this because with The Best Show out the door, we’re going to start releasing Record Store Day items to our subscriber buddies on Monday. If you want in on this action, you’d be advised to subscribe now. An instance where subscribing behooves you—you want this Ned Dohney 45 and you can’t make it to our pop-up shop? Subscribing will alleviate that. You want 15% off of Numero Group stuff? You want something like Funka Fize before you even know that you need it? Subscribing will make all this a reality. Silver Members renew their vows every $150 and Gold Members commit until otherwise notified. You want in? Click here.


Forecasting a Subscription’s End
September 4, 2013, 11:40 am
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TEMP-Image_1_1 Signs of summer’s wane are cropping up here in Chicago. Local MLB teams eye the historic winning streaks they’ll need in order to reach .500 for the season. Those horrendously sweet orange candy-corn pumpkins fly off of shelves at Target in 22-ounce sacks. And Numero’s 2013 Part II Vinyl Subscription cruises into its final weeks. September 30 is the big shut-down date, the last day you can pay one fee and receive:

047 Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label, 28 tracks charting Kansas City yeoman’s work, the Carpets and the Derbys, dapper clothiers mysteriously murdered, and marriages made and broken. There’s a trove of promo headshots and label scans of every hue detailing all iterations of Forte’s logo in print. This is an Eccentric Soul sojourn past vivid floor shakers and lost dance craze records alike—though what moves “The Hen” required remains anyone’s guess.

050 Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound, a 4LP package + hardcover book, in which are contained the sprawling, nonfiction prequel to Purple Rain’s cultural takeover. In image-rich splendor, funk-informed hordes of unsung Twin Cities talent bask for a spotlit moment, out of that persistent violet shadow, to shine.

050 1/2 Mind & Matter: 1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement), the never-before-heard demo reel that is James “Jimmy Jam” Harris’ first foray into songcraft and an organic Minneapolis-vintage alternative to a late ’70s Prince songbook gone increasingly synthetic.

But what about that eye-catching purple-vinyl LP up top? Let’s end the suspense: It’s our way of reminding you, the potential subscriber, that no one else gets purple vinyl LPs inside their copy of 050 Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound besides actual Numero’s 2013 Part II Vinyl Subscription subscribers. It’s the only way known to Herman Jones of going full violet. And you should. You really should.

Six Feet Under Gary
August 16, 2013, 1:38 pm
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It’s not every day that a 45 rpm record warrants its very own Cast of Characters. But look, we’re telling you: The “Cemetery” two-parter, available only to Numero’s 2013 LP, CD, and 45 subscribers, is an afterlife away from your everyday 45. We wouldn’t put a weird and hellish beast on the label unless there’s weird and hellish beastliness to be had in the black that encircles him:


• Maniac Murgatroyd Beauregard, The Ghoul

• King Richard Rigor Mortis III

• Princess Sally, daughter to King Richard

• A Chorus

As for setting, some of the gothic and occultish funk action (recorded in Chicago in the late 1970s by who knows who) takes place on March 12, 1801. Some of it happens 200 years later, on March 12, 2001. All of it is pretty fucking creepy. And there’s solid evidence that it all goes down at Oak Hill Cemetery of Gary, Indiana. Oh, and there’s at least one corpse involved, depending on how you count corpses.

Get buried.


Purple Snow = Violet vinyl
August 14, 2013, 2:16 pm
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A snowflake-labeled translucent violet, to be exact. Has to be held to be truly appreciated. Get all three, get ’em one by one, or go whole hog on little records (about which more below). Numero 050, better known as Purple Snow, piles on 45-style as follows:

ES-036 Flyte Tyme “It’s the Things That You Do” b/w “I’ve Got You On My Mind”
Two unreleased Minneapolis tracks featuring star bassist Terry Lewis, “Funkytown” vocalist Cynthia Johnson, drummer Garry “Jellybean” Johnson, and guitarist Tony Johnson. Future the Time keyboardist Monte Moir delivers a few synth solos that often get mimed/performed a capella by Numero staffers.

ES-037 94 East “If You See Me” b/w “Games”
From recordings known colloquially as “The Cookhouse 5,” Pepe Willie’s session highlight “If You See Me” makes its vinyl debut here, prior to its coming appearance on Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound. The b-side, “Games,” is a 45 exclusive.

ES-038 Herman Jones “I Love You” b/w “Ladie”
Herman Jones’ unreleased “I Love You” remains the most consistently sung ditty around the Numero office. The never-before-released flip side is exclusive to this 45.

Is That All? It Is Not.

By popular demand, our 2013 Eccentric Soul 45 subscription reopens today, for a very limited time. The Eccentric Soul 45 subscription guarantees twelve 45s delivered directly to your door, featuring previously unissued material and straight-up rare-as-all-get-out 45s from the soul diaspora. All singles are housed in glorious duotone sleeves, tailor made for the Numero 45 box. Your $75 (plus a little extra shipping for overseas subscribers) nets you all three Purple Snow 45s, plus these five:

ES-030 Signs Of The Time “Hurts So Bad” b/w “I Think Of You”
The St. Louis group’s previously unreleased cover of Boyce & Hart’s “Hurts So Bad” infuses the tune with a unique eeriness.

ES-031 Notations “That Girl” b/w “I’m For Real”
Though Chicago soul outfit The Notations scored several minor hits on the Twinight label before its 1971 demise, later tunes “I’m For Real” and “That Girl,” cut at far west side Cash Recording Studio, were assumed part of the group’s “lost” period—until now.

ES-032 James Dockery “My Faith In You Is All Gone” b/w “Giving You The Love You Need”
James Dockery, a Chicago-to-LA soul transplant, performs the infectious “My Faith In You Is All Gone” by one-time Al Green and future Syl Johnson songwriter Earl Randle.

ES-033 Brown Bombers & Soul Partners “Wait For Me” b/w “Just Fun”
Detroit teens The Brown Bombers are classily backed by the Soul Partners on an a-side filled with soaring strings and sweet vocals, living up to their Joe Louis-sourced nickname.

ES-035 Young Souls “Quit Waiting For Tomorrow to Come” b/w “Puppet On A String”
“Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come” is a midtempo stepper guaranteed to instantly earn its spot in discerning deejay play boxes, while “Puppet On A String” fulfills the tasteful group harmony ballad prerequisite.

And these four, shipping in December:

ES-034 Calvin Harris “Love’s Recipe” b/w “Wives Get Lonely Too”
ES-039 Master Plan Inc “Try It (You’ll Like It)” b/w “Master Plan Intro”
ES-040 Unnatural Funk Band “Strange Happenings” b/w “Living In The Past”
ES-041 Bump & the Soul Stompers “I Can Remember” b/w “Standing On The Outside”

Finally, we drive you insane with a bonus 45 for LP, CD, and 45 subscribers that looks like this:


…and sounds like:

Curious Poses: Twin Cities Pic Sleeves
June 18, 2013, 1:06 pm
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Rolling out ahead of 050 Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound are three Eccentric Soul 45s with era-appropriate picture sleeves. Those sleeves arrived today, and we thought it was worth sharing. From left to right: Led by Brooklyn transplant Pepe Willie, 94 East roped in some of the Twin Cities’ most promising players during the late ’70s, among them Prince, Andre Cymone, Bobby Z., Pierre Lewis, and Dale Alexander. Pictured in the center is Herman Jones, who first took the stage in the early ’60s with St. Paul’s the Exciters. In the transformative decades to follow, Jones adapted, integrating his beloved old school with the technologically advanced new. Flyte Tyme encompasses dozens of Minnesota players, and was a worthy opponent during countless Battles of the Bands between the Family, Grand Central, and Cohesion. These names unfamiliar? They won’t be once you get a hardbound edition of Purple Snow in your hands. These three gems will be delivered as part of our 45 subscription, and a la carte as individual singles in September.


Going, going, gone: 2013 Numero Subscriptions are closing
April 11, 2013, 2:48 pm
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On May 1, 2013, we’ll be closing 2013 CD, LP part 1, and 45 subscriptions. Reason being: We need to figure out how many bonus 45s to press and can’t do that with the subscriber tally constantly going up. And this 45 is really something special. A two-part slice of psychedelic cemetery soul, like if Phil Spector had produced the soundtrack to Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. Or something. Something like that. Something like that, but with over the top guitar solos. To say that missing this would be a mistake is a grand understatement. As proof of our point, we’re going to let you have a sip of the juice.

Wasn’t that great? Do you want to own a 45 with that on it? Follow the instructions below.

2013 LP Subscription Part 1 ($150):

NUM701 Pretty: Mustache In Your Face 2×7”
NUM702 Wicked Lester: You Are Doomed 2×7”
NUM703 Cave Dwellers: Run Around 2×7”
NUM043 Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label 2LP
NUM040 Good God! Apocryphal Hymns 2LP
NUM049 Iasos: Celestial Soul Portrait 2LP
CT-102 Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey & the Soul Generation 3LP
NPH44004 King Bullard Version: Songs of the BOS Label LP

Your $150 buys you all the above, the Cemetery 7”, plus a 15% discount on any purchases throughout the year.

2013 CD Subscription ($120):

NUM040 Good God! Apocryphal Hymns CD
NUM043 Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label CD
NUM047 Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label CD
NUM048 Title TBA Hard Rock CD
NUM049 Iasos: Celestial Soul Portrait CD
NUM050 Title TBA Minneapolis 2CD+BOOK

Your $120 buys you all the above, the Cemetery 7”, plus a 15% discount on any purchases throughout the year.

2014 45 Subscription ($75):

ES-030 Signs Of The Time “Hurts So Bad” b/w “I Think Of You”
ES-031 Notations “That Girl” b/w “I’m For Real”
ES-032 James Dockery “My Faith In You Is All Gone” b/w “Giving You The Love You Need”
ES-033 Brown Bombers & Soul Partners “Wait For Me” b/w “Just Fun”
ES-034 Calvin Harris “Love’s Recipe” b/w “Wives Get Lonely Too”
ES-035 Young Souls “Quit Waiting For Tomorrow” b/w “Puppet On A String”
ES-036 Master Plan Inc “Try It (You’ll Like It)” b/w “Master Plan Intro”
ES-037 Title TBA
ES-038 Bump & the Soul Stompers “I Can Remember” b/w Standing On The Outside”
ES-039 Unnatural Funk Band “Strange Happenings” b/w “Living In The Past”
ES-040 Don Garner “Cheating Kind” b/w “What Now My Love”
ES-041 Unreleased Don Gardner 45

Your $75 buys you all the above, the Cemetery 7”, plus a 15% discount on any purchases throughout the year.

International customers: Due to increased postage costs we will be shipping your records in two batches.

May 1st is the cut off. Cemetery is too awesome let slip through your fingers. Make the right call here for LP, CD, or 45

2013 Subscription Needle Drop
December 7, 2012, 10:45 am
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We broke news of our annual subscription last week. Now, you too can hear what we’ve been playing in the Numero office over the last six months as we developed these projects.

Track list:

01 .Commands “No Time For You” (From Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label CD/2LP)

02. Cave Dwellers “Run Around” (From Cave Dwellers: Run Around+3 2×7″)

03. Pretty “Mustache In Your Face” (From Pretty: Mustache In Your Face+3 2×7″)

04. Wicked Lester “Dogs Of War” (From Wicked Lester: You Are Doomed+3 2×7″)

05. Walter Lewis “I Have Love At Home” (From Purple Snow 2CD/4LP)

06. Robert Vanderbilt “Message Especially From God” (From Good God! Apocryphal Hymns CD/2LP)

07. Capitalaires “Glory, Glory” (From King Bullard Version LP)

08. Marva Whitney “Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear” (From Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label CD/2LP)

09. Mickey & the Soul Generation “UFO” (From The Complete Mickey & The Soul Generation 3LP)

Buy the CD subscription here.

Buy the LP subscription here.