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Titan: It’s All Pop! Deluxe 4LP available for pre-order
August 8, 2011, 12:14 pm
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Three years ago when we unleashed the 2CD of Titan: It’s All Pop! onto the throngs of power pop weirdos across the globe, we had no idea how many would be clamoring for it on wax. As 95% of the compilation’s 40 tracks were previously issued on vinyl, Titanistas Tom Sorrells and Mark Prellberg had always envisioned it as a CD box set, and as we were already in the midst of making a 4LP edition of Twinight’s Lunar Rotation, we were a bit cash-strapped. Over the years we’ve discussed making a box of 45s as a way to pay ultimate tribute to the much-maligned genre, but the thought of an empty catalog number at “24” on our LP shelves was giving us personal grief. No, the only way to do Titan on vinyl was to go whole-hog, and we’ve done that in spades.

The original 40-song double disc was sequenced as a kick-ass mix tape. For the 48-song, quadruple LP we dissected the tracks into their own unique sides, giving the Boys their own LP, letting Gary Scharlson and the Secrets* split an album, giving Arlis! and Gems their own sides, and creating Teen Titans, a sort of prequel to Just Another Pop Album, by putting Millionaire At Midnight, J.P. McClain & the Intruders, Scott McCarl, and Bobby Sky onto the fourth album. Knowing we left a ton of nuggets on the cutting room floor, we went back to the original 1/4″ tapes and added the following bonus tracks to each artist’s platter:

The Boys “I’m Not Satisfied”

The Boys “When They See You Smile”

The Boys “She’s My Girl”

The Boys “You Make Me Shake”

The Secrets* “Love For The Money”

Arlis! “Up Down Up”

Arlis! “Because Of You”

Gems “Limitation”

Bobby Sky “What’s The Name Of That Song”

The booklet got a make over too, not only was it expanded to 12″x12″, but we added a few new photos, corrected a handful of errors, and tacked a new epilogue by Tom Sorrells onto page 27. True to Titan’s limited budget, we’ve printed the entire thing in gorgeous two-color spot. All four of the album jackets feature your favorite Titan stars in all their full size glory, also printed in glorious duotone. The whole package is housed in sturdy slipcase, and the dog of course still graces the cover.

To commemorate this revisiting of the Titan catalog, we’re doing a special pre-order at our website, and the Titan guys have chipped in to make it truly worth your while (and hard earned dollars). The first 301 pre-orders will get ONE of the following bonus items:

195 original Gems 45s autographed by J.P. McClain

40 original Just Another Pop LPs

20 original Gary Charlson “Shark b/w Brown Eyes” 45

15 original Arlis! “No Way Baby b/w I Can’t Take It” 45

10 original Gary Charlson “Real Life Saver b/w Not The Way It Seems” 45

10 original autographed Scott McCarl CDs

5 original Gems white label promos 45s autographed by J.P. McClain

5 original Real Live Gary 12″ EPs

1 McCarl super package including an autographed CD, “In Love Without A Girl” 45, Raspberries VHS, and an original Yellow Hair 45

100 randomly selected pre-orders will get an original Titan business card.

But wait, there’s more! Not to be outdone by Tom and Mark, we’ve recreated the scrapped live Boys 10″, originally slated for release by Titan in 1980! Cut from the original 1/4″ tape, the set includes “Out Of Touch,” “Night Time,” “You’re Bad Too,” and “Yesterday’s Circles.” Housed in a tip-on jacket and given the prestigious 024.5 catalog number, this limited-to-1000 10″ is yours free when you pre-order the 4LP Titan: It’s All Pop! Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Question from the peanut gallery: If I’m already a Part 2 Numero LP Subscriber, do I need to pre-order to get all the goodies? Answer: Your subscription guarantees you a spot in the first 301.

Not a subscriber? Follow this link to savings.

Titan Proofs
June 13, 2011, 2:17 pm
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Almost a year after the idea was conceived, the proofs for the 4LP box of Titan: It’s All Pop! have arrived. We took a slightly different angle for the vinyl version, taking the 2CDs forty evenly distributed tracks and instead giving four of the artists their own albums (or split albums). The other four misfit artists are given something of a prequel to the Just Another Pop Album compilation. As Titan was primarily a one or two color operation, we removed all the four color elements of the CD and went with a straight two tone look of red and black.

We’ll have more on this set soon, including all the details on the pre-order special that includes not one, but three bonus items.






(Baby) It’s You
June 9, 2011, 12:42 pm
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A few months back, Danny Shonerd from the Boys got in touch to make sure we were okay with having their song “(Baby) It’s You” used in a short animated film. Why wouldn’t we be? Last night a link showed up in our inbox, the film was finished:

This couldn’t come at any better time, as we’re preparing for the release of Titan: It’s All Pop! in an expanded 4LP edition. We’ve added nine bonus tracks, a new afterword by Titan co-founder Tom Sorrells, and a grip of unpublished photos. Look for it on August 23rd.

Yellow Pills O.D.s
March 12, 2010, 8:47 pm
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When we started Numero near-on seven years ago, we envisioned keeping every number in print. We had  this romantic idea of someday making a 100 album box set that comes packaged with its own shelving unit. Retail price? Way too much. 

That dream dies today. 

Despite our best efforts to lock down an extension for all of the tracks on Yellow Pills: Prefill, we were unable to get one artist to accept our standard Most Favored Nations deal. As we have less than 40 copies of the double CD in stock , it makes sense to put the record gently to sleep instead of destroying a repress at the eleventh hour. 

While supplies last you can order the album alone for $25, or with Titan: Its All Pop! for $40. If you have any hopes of putting all the Numero compact discs on your shelf at a reasonable price, now is the time to act. In 60 days we’ll be pulling Prefill from our website forever.

One Of The Boys
February 19, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Very cool surprise today – a visit from Alan Havlicek of Omaha, Nebraska’s legendary power-pop, proto-glam heroes the Boys. Alan regaled us with tales of rock glory, the down & dirty record “business,” and being fitted with leather codpieces at the state penitentiary. He’s also sitting on hundreds of unreleased Boys tracks we can’t wait to hear. Check out the “then and now,” Alan’s on the far right:

Ken & Alan:

Picked these up at a flea market…
September 30, 2009, 9:09 am
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Early selects from our proposed Titan 4LP box set. Feedback in the comments section is encouraged!

Brain Lapse Talks Titan
August 27, 2009, 7:50 am
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The team of obscuro-pop obsessives over at Brain Lapse Fanzine have recently loosed their thick, glossy, primary-colored first issue upon the grey matter of our nation. The Equals got the cover, Marbles took the centerfold, and The Orbits get several pages awash in baby-blue spot art. Why do you need to know? Because about 1/5 of the issue is dedicated to their super-massive interview with Mark Prellberg and Tom Sorrells, the titans behind Titan—that Kansas City power-pop Olympus brought to you from on high by last year’s Titan: It’s All Pop 2CD compilation.

Tom drops heaps of minute knowledge, while Mark talks mild smack about The Knack…all with the self-deprecating tone we’ve come to expect from these guys:

Tom: On limited-run pressings, we just never made any money. Ever.

Mark: A better way to look at it is, what were the records where we lost the least…?

A trove of classic Titan ephemera—pic sleeves, business cards, iron-ons, etc.—decorates the whole darn thing. You need a copy, don’t you?