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Pre-Japan Freak Out at the Owl (Chicago)
March 11, 2016, 10:33 am
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Some of the records we’re taking to Japan are not part of our normal repertoire. Some of the records we’re taking to Japan have never left the house. We have to come to respect and identify with Otaku culture, and so we want to bring our very, very best the the nation’s discotheques. However, we also feel an obligation to test drive these odd, obscure, only-known-copy 45s on a functional sound system in front of semi-functional human beings. So where do we go? Where else but the Owl, where our impulsive nature, request intolerance, and irregular sleep schedules make us regulars on both sides of the booth. So join us Monday, March 14th from 8pm until Midnight, where we attempt a test run of all the danceable/demented stuff that we hope will be, as they say, “Big in Japan.”

The Owl + 2521 North Milwaukee + Chicago + Steps from the Logan Square Blue Line Stop

Should you find it easier to just catch one of our Japan dates, we’ll see you there!


Numero Group in Japan March 18th-26th
March 8, 2016, 12:04 pm
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On Thursday March 17th, our own Rob Sevier and Jon Kirby set sail (on an airplane) for the Land of the Rising Sun, embarking on a string of DJ engagements across the country. They’ll be playing oddities and obscurities from their personal collections, plus perennials from the Numero catalog. If you are in Japan, or know of someone in Japan, give them a heads up. If you have travel tips, or would like to take us to your favorite record store, noodle shop, or zen garden, say so in the comments field. Konichiwa!

Friday, March 18th + Tokyo
@渋谷 THE ROOM 22:00~
Venue : The Room
Daihachi-Toto Bld. B1, 15-19 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Saturday, March 19th + Hiroshima
Venue : ONDO
6-3 Tanakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0026 , Hiroshima

Sunday, March 20th + Fukuoka
“Black Water Gold 6th Anniversary feat. NUMERO GROUP & Skeme Richards”
Venue : Keith Flack
1/2F 1-8-28 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka

Monday, March 21st + Kyoto
“Jetset Records & Japonica Music Store & FUNK 78 presents”
Venue : West Harlem
Reihou-kaikan B1F, 366 Kamiyamachi,Shijo-agaru, Nishikiyamachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Friday, March 25th + Tokyo
Venue : Club Cactus
1-15-18 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Saturday, March 26th + Kobe
“Soul Renaissance 3 ~NUMERO GROUP JAPAN TOUR 2016 in KOBE~”
Venue : Soul Blood
2-10-3 Shimoyamate ST, Chuo-Ku, Kobe, Hyogo

Front Of The Flyer


Back Of The Flyer



The Numero Tribute to the Muscle Shoals Sound (RBMA)
March 2, 2016, 2:58 pm
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A group like The Swampers by its very nature can and will take many forms, is adaptable, exists on a liminal plane between states of existence and understanding of what an ensemble is. The members, credited as individuals working together, are on far more records than the entity known as The Swampers are mentioned. To find this band, looking for the name isn’t sufficient, one must read the fine print and triangulate details. To make this mix, we didn’t just look for the name, we looked for their fingerprints, and we looked for the benchmarks of the diversity of their projects: across genres, across styles, across the decades, across statuses, and across the labels and production companies.

Thanks to Red Bull Music Academy Radio for giving us this unique opportunity to do what we do (but do it a little differently). Sadly, residents on the United States of America will not be able to stream this on demand like the rest of you Earthlings, but ALL can listen in real time, tomorrow, Thursday March 3rd at 6pm EST. As bad as we want to embed the player in this post, it looks like this is all you’re going to get here on WordPress.


Mail Bag: Blanket terrorist inspired money grabbing
February 24, 2016, 8:18 am
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Presented without comment:

In an emergency I needed to download my video from my YouTube
account but found that you had locked it illegally from my use because of
bad intelligence and a blanket terrorist inspired money grabbing control of
other peoples rights.

I am submitting my video to NASA, a US Government agency with a deadline,
and because you do not follow up with actual confirmation of your actions
(and don’t blame it on automatic software), I may not be able to submit and
will have to sue for damages with international copyright congress

IMMEDIATELY release the restrictions from YouTube video:
I am contacting the artist directly and telling him of your draconian
actions and autonomic ignorance and will announce on public forums and
social media of this criminal shuttering for the corporate conspired laws to
take control of all proprietary media world wide.

If you are just a gear in evil’s corporate box (remember Nuremberg),
submit this to a main person or legal department NOW!

Creatives do not benefit from these laws. Only on the crust of it. The rest
is for multinational control of intellectual and creative properties,
impoverishing the artists so society will be pliable sheep with no will of
its own. Serve evil and get gone by the good.

Dante Carfagna Toasts Arranger Sonny Sanders on WXRT
January 11, 2016, 12:32 pm
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Once a year, Numero Group ally Dante Carfagna walks into the belly of the album-oriented rock behemoth at 2 Prudential Plaza, WXRT 93.1-FM, to drop knowledge nuggets regarding Chicago’s dense music history aboard Richard Milne’s “Local Anesthetic.” In his tenth installment in as many years, Dante focusses on the refined arrangements of William “Sonny” Sanders, a studio fixture during the zenith of the Chicago Sound. A great, informative listen from an authority on Chicago soul music. Download by clicking HERE or stream below.



Sheer Magic 1997-2015
November 4, 2015, 11:59 am
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Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.10.29 AM

In the 4,357-part series, Everything You’ve Ever Loved Will Become Condos, the sublime slice of nightlife real-estate at 1951 W. Dickens, Danny’s, is said to be closing at month’s end. Managers and spokespersons are said to be working towards a resolution that will keep the house-shaped dive bar in operation past month’s end, but inside sources say the outlook is grim. Danny’s is many things to many people, least of which, home to Sheer Magic. Piloted by Courtland Green and Numero ally Dante Carfagna, Sheer Magic has served as both a showroom for serious 45s and a nonjudgmental sanctuary for regular humans who appreciate the off-grid selections. Oh, and the dancing! When asked his thoughts on the closing of Danny’s and the series finale of Sheer Magic (tonight, Wednesday, November 4th), Dante Carfagna had this to say:

It was a good run. When we started it, there were no other nights in the US like it, except for [Matt] Weingarden’s Botanica thing in NYC (and that shit never got as buck as Sheer Magic, ever). Now there are fuggin’ soul nights in Lafayette, Des Moines, wherever. It was a perfect case of right time, right people, right venue, right music. This was pre-Youtube, pre-Discogs, pre-Shazam, pre-everything really. You came to our night and heard sounds you simply could not hear anywhere else, much less find. Another factor was that there was no firecode installed, so you could pack as many people as you wanted in there. The marshal finally came in around 2009 to institute a limit. Throw in Shirley selling $5 weed muffins to the whole place and it was Kismet as fuck. So many of the records that are now “classics” across the globe were first played at Sheer Magic to utter enthusiasm. I remember playing Scorpio & His People at the peak of the night in 2004/5 and the whole place literally lifted off the ground several feet. When shit was on full throb, the floor would actually be waving from wall to wall to the point that they needed to reinforce it from the basement. I will also proudly admit to pioneering the slurred, heavily delayed mic style that came to be our signature. The key to a sick funk party was a healthy dose of psychedelia, a facet that EVERY current party misses.

The soul party that we’ve come to know as Sheer Magic was initiated in 1997 by Courtland Green and Scott Craig. Held the first Wednesday of every month, Dante Carfagna came aboard in 1998 following Craig’s return to Detroit. Originally referred to simply as “Soul Night,” the reoccurring event was dubbed Sheer Magic in 1999, in honor of the Ice Cold Love 45 used to close each affair. Guests have included all manners of world class DJs, whose names and resumes don’t really matter because everyone was simply there for Sheer Magic, which was always just about a one-of-a-kind vibe. Tonight, we say farewell to a Chicago institution.

Sheer Magic // TONIGHT // Danny’s // 1951 W. Dickens // Bucktown // 10pm-2am // Free

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.34.31 PM

Just Because: How Vinyl Records Are Made (Discovery)
November 3, 2015, 12:16 pm
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What’s not to love about the educational program How It’s Made? From airplanes to zithers (we’re supposing?), this Canadian educational program has shown step-by-step manufacturing processes for some of humanity’s most random objects. Let’s play a game: How It’s Made episode OR trendy new Chicago restaurant OR hot new band? Springs, Pavers & Pianos? Table, Donkey & Stick? (A: episode/restaurant) In any event, while you might have a general idea of how records are manufactured, allow the professionals at How It’s Made to buttress that understanding up with some clever puns and wordplay. Footage here appears to be from the now-defunct Hub Servall Record Manufacturing Corp of Lavallette, New Jersey.

Bonus Track: How turntables are made, in this case the Wilson Benesch audiophile brand, which gets completely maligned in the comments section. God bless YouTube comments!