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Hey Listen! It’s School Time Again!
September 9, 2009, 1:21 pm
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Between Obama’s address to the students of America and Chicago’s colossal waste of money plastering placards at every corner to remind us that school started yesterday, I couldn’t stop myself from singing 3 Simmons’s back-to-school hit, “You Are My Dream (School Time)“, that we featured on our comp, Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul.

Legendary Chicago bluesman Mack Simmons was just one year removed from a 36-month prison sentence when he invested the proceeds of his drug smuggling operation into the Simmons Recording Studio. From a street level view this doesn’t initially seem like a positive environment for children, but Simmons was something of a Robin Hood, well respected in his community and a devout family man. In between recording and releasing bluesy-soul records by Arelean Brown and himself on his PM and Simmons labels, he found time to pump out a record by his children Lionel, Denise, and Danny. “You Are My Dream (School Time)” never charted, but its intentions were probably a bit less ambitious to begin with. One look at the record’s label confirms that this was a purely amateur affair, and given Mack’s curricular activities, it may be safe to assume that this record was more tax shelter than hit maker.