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How did a Winner t-shirt end up in a novelty rap video? We explain the connection between Numero and @KAPTNofficial
March 29, 2013, 12:38 pm
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This morning, Interscope Island recording artist Kaptn released a video for his single “Juice.” If you’ve got five minutes, a hankering for watching a girl with a tongue ring getting “juiced,” and want to play a game of “Where’s Miley Cyruss?,” press play:

Somewhere around the one minute mark, look out for a kid wearing a “Winner” t-shirt—the bonus item we made available to those who pre-ordered the deluxe version of Codeine: When I See The Sun, which wholesale jacks Sub Pop’s infamous “Loser” t-shirt design .

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.41.21 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.38.07 AMThat young buck in the sharp black tee is none other than Daniel “Mario” Ross, who has been camped out in Rob Sevier’s office the last year facilitating, and creating, the chaos that is the Numero office. How is Danny in this absurd video shot in the Hollywood Hills? His brother is none other than model-turned-novelty rapper Kaptn. You could not find two brothers who look any less alike, but Danny assures us that they are indeed related.

We have arrived.

Numero and MTV: What does it all mean?
November 1, 2012, 8:53 am
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Yesterday morning, MTV’s Hive sub-brand did a nice featurette on our little label. Rest assured it was totally out of the blue. While we don’t expect to be moving into Dial MTV‘s top 20 countdown, we have a few suggestions from the video-era if they ever get really daring.

New York’s Colors go bananas in someone’s yard and in some kind of artist loft. That painting in the background? Just an original Basquiat.

A legit MTV play, this was the third of Shoes’ four (!) videos from Present Tense.

For some reason this Speedies track was overlooked for Numero 004, but we did sell it digitally on our site for a while.

While Loose Lips’ “Kyle” is the “hit” off their lone EP, Hung Up On Pop, the track is missing from this 1981 cable access concert from Triton College. The actual Kyle isn’t missing. She’s the girl in the black and white dress dancing on stage.

From Alfonso Lovo’s follow up to La Gigantona. Whatever you do, don’t fax this guy.

Despite being made at the height of 120 Minutes, there’s no fucking way they were playing this arty shit.

We are open to hosting a classic videos night on M2 or wherever they’re broadcasting images set to music these days, just have your make up artist call our make up artist.

While you’re still reading, pick up this great book about the early days of MTV co-authored by longtime Numero supporter Rob Tannenbaum.

Individual Codeine Albums Available Now Via Our Web Store

It’s been a productive day around here at Numero HQ as we moved more and more Codeine box sets out our door, while ruining the suspension of Mark’s (our mail-man and one-time Chicago House DJ) mail truck. Packing the van to the brim, we’ve been keeping up with our on-going effort toward reducing the agency’s unsustainable deficit by continuing to churn out ridiculously large box-set’s for your loyal eyes and ears.

In addition to that, we also received a shipment today of the individual deluxe edition’s of the group’s LPs that are loaded to the brim with bonus unreleased material, 16 page booklet and CD. They are available now via our web-store, here.

Lastly, the young-guns over here at the office have been busy purging themselves of their own personal trading card collections of yesteryear. While Zach’s basketball commons have been slowly funneling world-wide for the past few months, intern Danny “Mario” Ross came through today with two three-ring binders full of DC and Marvel Comics trading cards. Watch your current orders because you may find yourself a Dr. Doom or Night-Crawler hologram intertwined between some Numero goodness.

N201: Codeine: When I See The Sun
January 23, 2012, 12:30 pm
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Late last year we issued a press release about a new direction Numero was going in: The 1990s. Alright, it didn’t explicitly say that, but it was implied in the content. On May 8th 2012 we’ll be reissuing the near-complete works of the seminal “slowcore” pioneers Codeine, and we’ll be setting a new standard for the modern reissue as a result. Their three albums for Seattle’s Sub Pop label, 1990’s Frigid Stars LP, 1992’s Barely Real, and 1994’s The White Birch, have been given the full Numero treatment, in a package that rivals our Boddie box.

All three double albums will be sold separately, or you can buy them together as the deluxe box set: When I See The Sun. We’ll be announcing a pre-order for the box shortly, and the first 500 will come with a bonus 45. Watch this spot for details.

The contents:

Frigid Stars LP
1. D
2. Gravel Bed
3. Pick Up Song
4. 3 Angels
5. New Year’s

1. Second Chance
2. Cave-In
3. Cigarette Machine
4. Old Things
5. Pea

1 Castle (SOS Demo)
2 Skeletons (SOS Demo)
3 Three Angels (SOS Demo)
4 Corner Store (SOS Demo)
5 Summer Dresses (SOS Demo)

1 Pea (Acoustic)
2 Second Chance (Demo)
3 Pickup Song (Demo)
4 Cave-In (Demo)
5 Kitchen (SOS Demo)

Barely Real
1. Realize
2. Jr
3. Barely Real

1. Hard To Find
2. W.
3. Promise Of Love

1 JR (Dessau Demo)
2 Hydroplane (Live)
3 Wird (Dessau Demo)
4 I Wonder (Dessau Demo)

1 Tom (Dessau Demo)
2 A l’Ombre de Nous
3 Cracked in Two
4 Realize (Alternate take)
5 Broken-Hearted Wine

The White Birch
1. Sea
2. Loss Leader
3. Vacancy
4. Kitchen Light
5. Washed Up

1. Tom
2. Ides
3. Wird
4. Smoking Room

1 Median (Peel Session)
2 Loss Leader (Peel Session)
3 Sure Looks That Way (Peel Session)
4 D (Live)

1 Atmosphere
2 Something New
3 Ides (Demo)
4 Smoking Room (Demo)

Additionally, a CD of the same material will accompany each album, packaged in a manner that is respectful of the object—not just thrown in as an afterthought.

Lastly, the band has announced a handful of dates to support the re-release of their catalog.After that, they go back in the box for another 20 years. Three dates have been confirmed, with another dozen or so club gigs to follow:

May 26 London – All Tomorrow’s Parties
June 1 Barcelona – Primavera
June 8 Porto, Portugal – Primavera Porto