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Help Us Beat The Bootlegger
March 19, 2010, 12:46 pm
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James Plummer, famous for his Radioactive and Fallout labels, has returned from the sewers with another illegal operation, Erebus. This dude is more slippery than a drug runner. However, we’re a little ahead of the curve on this one. We’ve gotten in touch with all the distributors that have knowingly and unknowingly carried the label in the past, alerted our VeRO contact at eBay, and convinced magazines not to review it. Now we just need the consumers to not buy anything from Erebus, particularly the Sixth Station CD (one track was included on 028 Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes and the rest is planned as an individual release). We dealt with this matter before on a previous post:

Yoga Records has put together a pretty thorough assessment of who Plummer is and what he’s done. You can find it here:

But then Plummer disappeared and we breathed a sigh of relief, but during that time we were never able to fit the release into our schedule; the mastering is done but the liner notes are still being finished. Plus, running a legitimate subsidiary like our * [Asterisk] imprint takes much more time and effort than a lazy bootleg operation.

To help us beat the bootlegger? It’s pretty simple: just don’t buy any of their products. The labels are Erebus, Phoenix, Radioactive, and Fallout. They prey on the weakest people in the music business, those folks with no major label to protect their music.