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What Happens When Children Start A Band?
January 19, 2012, 11:51 am
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Check out the SF Weekly article.

Released back in 2007,  The ABCs of Kid Soul was damned by the general perception that we had just released a novelty record. Five years later, the lack of support from the Dr. Demento show proves otherwise. Instead, it continues to haunt the listener, and as their kids grow older (or are born in the first place) it resonates more and more. Ryan Foley from the SF Weekly shares some of his meditations on the phenomena that we researched and presented in our most eccentric non-Eccentric Soul release.

“I think we’re all familiar with how it works: You were that great swimmer in high school and you went to state. But then you never went any further with it. You just moved on, tried to avoid being disappointed. It was all about maintaining a good perspective on things.”

Obligatory MJ is dead post
June 26, 2009, 11:28 am
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My cynical self has a problem eulogizing someone who spent nearly half of his life creating garbage. Beginning with Bad in 1987, the so-called “King Of Pop” has been staying true to the album title’s promise. Throw in Invincible, Neverland, and a kid named Prince Blanket and you’ve got the makings for perfect downward spiral. 

And yet, there was so much promise. From his boyhood days living in a shack in Gary, Indiana,  it was clear he was a star. Give a listen to “Big Boy” and tell me this kid couldn’t mop the floor with every other falsetto out there:

The word unfuckwithable comes to mind. The 5’s first two records on Gordon Keith’s Steeltown imprint are by no means his finest moment, but you don’t have to squint to hear how talented he was at 9. From there he would not only shoot for the stars, but reach them on the group’s third single. THIRD. Alright, The Corporation wrote “I Want You Back” (and then went ahead and built “ABC” on the back of the same melody in true Motown/HDH fashion), but the kid was a stone cold killer with serious chops. Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine? Sure, they did their parts in a serviceable manner. Fuck it, even Randy had his moments on 1978s regrettable Destiny. But Michael was your boy. You didn’t imitate Tito. 

There were other kid performers before them and after them, but the 5 set off a trend that we couldn’t help but capture on Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul. When a group has lunch boxes and a cartoon, they’re bound to have a pack of wolves–I mean parents–on their heels. We picked out dozens of tracks for our compilation, but as is the case with many of our genre-creating albums, not everything could be licensed for inclusion. In tribute to Michael, here’s one that you missed out on:

Brotherly Five “Losing My Girl” 

What’s left to say? We’ll never have a chance to hear a Rick Rubin comeback album. The farewell tour of 50 shows is likely the biggest ticket refund in history. Little boys in Dubain prostitution rings rejoice, plastic surgeons weep. Michael, we’ll miss your strange ways. The Captain Eo alter-ego,  the crotch-grab dancing,  your knack for creating instant Weird Al parodies….

Mostly we’ll just miss that voice.