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It was a good day.
June 17, 2011, 8:43 pm
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The deluxe LP version of NUM037 Father’s Children: Who’s Gonna Save The World has now been shipped for subscribers therefore concluding the first half of this year’s vinyl subscription. Today we all cranked out nearly 200 mailers, and we even managed to swing by Atotonilco in Little Village for some of the best al pastor in the city. Details for the second half of our vinyl subscription for this year will be available Monday on our site. For those of you who are not subscribers, Father’s Children will be dropping this upcoming Tuesday at finer record shops everywhere or you can pick it up here.

Coming To A Mailbox Near You
December 30, 2010, 11:41 am
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The end of the year is quickly approaching and for us at the Numero Office, business has not let up. Between the holiday deals and pallets of Syl box’s coming in and out of here every other week at the office we have had very little time to relax. The office has about hit full capacity and with Willie Wright and Lenaburg LP’s on the way, office space is at a premium. To supplement our subscribers appetite until we begin shipping out the first release for the 2011 Numero Subscription, we have begun sending out our exclusive Numero Subscriber Pins. These pins are one of the few pieces of swag along with other bonus material only available to subscribers this year. Even though tomorrow is New Years Eve we will still be working around the clock, both in the office and out, to make sure our 2011 release schedule stays on track with the return of new releases from both our Cult Cargo and Eccentric Soul series’. So make sure to pick up the 2011 Numero Subscription and be on the look out for a package with our new signature Numero Group Kraft Tape featuring our signature logo that you’ve grown to love.

2011 Numero Subscription
December 21, 2010, 1:22 pm
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After an 11th hour A&R meeting that lasted a whopping 163 minutes, your Numero Group has emerged more ready than ever to announce the contents of our 2011 CD and LP subscription. Though most of you are still living out the dregs of 2010, we’ve been facing up to and plotting for 2011 ever since we sent the Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology box set to press in mid-June. For those of you wondering where your final 2010 items are, we’ll explain it all in the coming paragraphs (Just know, for the moment, that you’ll have them shortly).

Numero’s 2010 was all about quality over quantity (adding only three records to our main line during the calendar year). For 2011, we’re shifting philosophies, to bring you a quantity of quality, delivering a multitude of small, focused projects, all of an extremely high grade. We’ve got so many LPs lining up for ’11 completion that we’ve had to break the vinyl subscription into two parts. And, with CD orders continuing to slack off on the front stoop and smoke cigarettes, we’re retooling most of our CD subscriber packages to include bonus content unavailable with the retail CD editions. Finally, we’re adding a few items that’ll be ownable via subscription only, upping the ante considerably from last year. Oh, and we’re gonna charge you less, too.

2011 Vinyl Subscription Part 1: $100

038 Willie Wright: Telling The Truth LP+45

011 Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg 2LP

ESBOX002 Soundsmasters 3×45

036 Cult Cargo: Salsa De Boricua Chicago 2LP

037.5 Fathers Children LP

In addition to the 6 LPs and 4 singles listed above, you’ll get any bonus materials we make (discs, autographed ephemera, etc.), a die-cast pin, and an exclusive 7″ from the Numero vault. As this entire subscription will be filled by June, we’ll be offering a booster pack for a reduced price.

2011 CD Subscription: $100

037.5 Fathers Children CD

037 Eccentric Soul: RJW 2CD

039 Eccentric Soul: Nickel & Penny Labels CD

035 Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio 3CD

In addition to 7 CDs listed above, you’ll also get any bonus materials we make (discs, autographed ephemera, etc), a die-cast pin, and an exclusive 7″ from our vault.

2010 CD subscribers, if you’re looking for your copies of Willie Wright and Salsa De Boricua Chicago, don’t fret! They’re being manufactured now and will ship right around the first of the year.

About that die-cast pin:

Welcome to the Winter Olympics of Numero tchotchkes. In addition to being Numero logo-shaped, the color of pin you get reflects your years as a subscriber. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, get ready to affix a gold pin to your lapel. For those who’ve only been with us for 2-4 years or 1 year look out for silver and bronze (respectively). Wear this pin to get a 15% discount at any Numero event or table where we sell our wares.

Here a sip of next year’s juice if you’re not already convinced:

Subscribe or Die
December 3, 2009, 4:35 pm
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Another year is about to bite the dust. Another year of war, famine, and crippling recession. And for you, the proud, the few, the faithful, and the employed with disposable income, we’re making our annual plea to continue buying physical records in the face of minimalism and convenience. Let’s face it, the oughts were demoralizing, with Numero’s arrival in your mailbox being among the only bright spots in an otherwise bleak decade. We weren’t around for the first Bush term, but with your help we’ll make it through the end of Obama’s second.

It’s that time of year again, when the jolly fat man invades your home and your refrigerator. But enough about your creepy uncle Fred (insert high hat and snare here). For the fifth year in a row, Numero is offering you the chance to get in on an early harvest of next year’s crop of releases. That means we get your money and you get the fruit of our meticulous labor. It’s win win, really. Just ask your record collection. It’s lonely, right?

We tried to keep it simple in 2009, making six (five if you’re into wax) essential titles for easy filing in your Numero library. But then we got ambitious, and decided to make a book, and a trading card set, some posters and a new t-shirt, and then we put out two records on our Asterisk imprint and another on the Numerophon label.

And we racked our brains trying to come up with flashy ways to entice you to buy early. While great ideas like the Numero musical snowglobe and Eccentric Soul black-light poster were tabled (for now), we found a place to print up membership cards entitling you to a 15% discount. For $100 we gave you six CDs (or five LPs) and put more junk in your wallet. Well, get ready to replace that worn-out card, or if you don’t have one, get ready to make room. The 2010 Numero subscription is here and more expensive than ever.

No, we didn’t mean to say expansive, although it’s that, too. 2010 looks to be a much different year than any you’ve ever experienced as a standard card-carrying member of our inner circle. In the past we’ve focused on quantity, great quantity, mind you, but going forward we’re going to be all about quality. If you’ve seen Light: On The South Side or Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation 4LP set, then you have a good idea where we’re headed. The days of the single disc are not exactly behind us, but we’ll likely be doing far fewer of them. And while the price has gone up, so has the amount of music we’re including.

Scheduled for inclusion in the 2010 CD subscription are following eye and ear popping Numero titles:

031 Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow DVD

Beginning with his work for a certain public television show that featured a big yellow bird, a cookie-devouring monster and a counting vampire, Al Jarnow devoted his life to capturing life’s scientific minutia, boiled down into bite-sized bits of dazzling animated cinema. As a celluloid-carrying member of New York’s avant-garde film scene, Jarnow created dozens of awe-inspiring experimental shorts that up until now could only be seen in the film collections of such temples of culture as New York’s Museum Of Modern Art. The 45 films collected here, which include both his early work for public television and his personal efforts, have been lovingly transferred from the original 16mm prints and fully remastered in Dolby Digital. Special features include a complete film index, a documentary about his creative process, film playlists designed for both children and adults alike, and a 60-page book filled with essays and ephemera. Link To Trailer

032 Syl Johnson: Complete Recordings 1959-72 6LP+4CD

80 songs covering his work for Federal, TMP Ting, Cha Cha, Zachron, Special Agent, and Twinight, along with nearly twenty previously unreleased tracks recorded along the way. Deluxe 6LP+4CD box includes both formats and a massive booklet, all housed in sturdy, side-loading container for easy display and use. First 1000 copies come with a bonus 45, which you’ll have locked down via the subscription.

034 Local Customs: Lowlands CD

Boogie rock from Texas’ swampster town of Beaumont, Texas, courtesy of the Lowlands studio. While brothers Johnny and Edgar Winters escaped via the fame train, there were dozens of local leave-behinds crowding the town’s lone recording studio. A seedier Harry Smith, Mickey Rouse captured the up-all-night-on-cheap-trucker-speed aesthetic bubbling up amid the factory day jobs and drunken parking lot fights. As most of this music is completely unreleased, there’s really no point in listing any of the artists. I mean, have you ever heard of Boothill? Neither had we.

035 Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio 3CD

After four years of calling, we finally locked down the Boddie Recording Company archive out of Cleveland, Ohio this summer. Cracking open the door of the studio was like entering Tut’s tomb, a virtually untouched picture of what a real live 60s soul studio looked like. Out back? Just an on site pressing plant ready to be fired up at a moments notice for all your 7 and 12″ needs. When the original Devo acetates turned up we knew we were onto something special. Spread out over three discs is the best of the Boddie soul and gospel recordings, featuring Creations Unlimited, AC Jones, Ricky Hodges, the Chantells, Harvey Hall and a dozen others.

And for the vinylists:

031 Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow DVD

012 Catherine Howe: What A Beautiful Place LP (bonus 45 with first 1000)

002 Antena: Camino Del Sol 2LP (with five bonus tracks not on the CD)

032 Syl Johnson: Complete Recordings 1959-72 6LP+4CD

034 Local Customs: Lowlands 2LP

Numero is taking a huge leap this year, and we’re hoping you follow us into the holy abyss. Your record collection will thank you, your significant other will probably not, but records are forever, relationships, not so much. And who knows? Maybe we’ll make all three of you happy.

Get happy.