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Picked these up at a flea market…
September 30, 2009, 9:09 am
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Early selects from our proposed Titan 4LP box set. Feedback in the comments section is encouraged!

Brain Lapse Talks Titan
August 27, 2009, 7:50 am
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The team of obscuro-pop obsessives over at Brain Lapse Fanzine have recently loosed their thick, glossy, primary-colored first issue upon the grey matter of our nation. The Equals got the cover, Marbles took the centerfold, and The Orbits get several pages awash in baby-blue spot art. Why do you need to know? Because about 1/5 of the issue is dedicated to their super-massive interview with Mark Prellberg and Tom Sorrells, the titans behind Titan—that Kansas City power-pop Olympus brought to you from on high by last year’s Titan: It’s All Pop 2CD compilation.

Tom drops heaps of minute knowledge, while Mark talks mild smack about The Knack…all with the self-deprecating tone we’ve come to expect from these guys:

Tom: On limited-run pressings, we just never made any money. Ever.

Mark: A better way to look at it is, what were the records where we lost the least…?

A trove of classic Titan ephemera—pic sleeves, business cards, iron-ons, etc.—decorates the whole darn thing. You need a copy, don’t you?

KCMO, finally giving a shit
November 6, 2008, 4:59 pm
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For the last two months we’ve been pushing the Titan rock up the hills of Kansas City. Promos were sent out in early August, calls were made, emails were sent, and the town’s music press was silent. For awhile it seemed as though Titan’s second go-round would be received the exact same way as their first: universal and total silence. Local press had always eluded the label, as exactly none of their singles were reviewed in the KC Star, but after much arm twisting and several suitcases of cash, The Star and The Pitch have both done longer stories on their hometown label. Couple that with airplay on KJHK in Lawrence, and it’s almost like Titan means something in the Missouri Valley. 

Now, if only the Lincoln and Omaha press would get off its ass (we’re looking at you JD Stanek) and cover the Boys, we’d really be psyched. It’s baffling that their so-called “Alt Weekly” can’t get beyond whatever record Saddle Creek farted on to cover a band who pulled off a mock Nazi invasion in 1975. The Boys were Nebraska’s first punk band, and deserve more than a cursory mention in the states music hall of fame. All the more laughable is how many times Stanek has bugged us for promos from such diverse locals as Phoenix and Florida, and when we deliver him a gift wrapped local story he’s nowhere to be found.

Come spend a night with these guys
October 17, 2008, 2:16 pm
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In celebration of the upcoming Titan anthology, Tom Sorrells (Titan Records) and Allen Havlicek (The Boys) cordially invite you to attend a record release party in Kansas City. In attendance will be many members of the original Titan scene, including the Boys, the Secrets*, Arlis!, J.P. McClain, and Millionaire At Midnight. Reuniting? Who are we kidding. Instead they’ll be milling around ready to sign autographs and share tales of debauchery from the late 70s. For sale at the merch table will be extremely cheap copies of NUM024 Titan: It’s All Pop! 2CD sets, limited t-shirts, buttons, and perhaps some Titan dead stock if we can convince Tom to drag it out of his basement. The details, should you live in the greater KCMO area:

Saturday, November 8th 2008, 4-6PM at The Record Bar. Skint? No problem, it’s free.

For those unable to attend, we’ve got nothing for you. You’ll have to settle for buying the record at finer retailers worldwide on November 4th.