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Numero’s Youtube Hall of Fame and Shame, Part 1
October 1, 2010, 3:06 pm
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or… How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Bombs.

Youtube is culture’s funhouse mirror, and there’s no way to play in today’s cultural playground (even in the far distant hidden corner of the sandbox that Numero plays in) without casting some sort of reflection. An avid Numero follower can find all sorts of Numero related nonsense on the Youtube, but it’s generally of a post-a-song-with-a-still-image-of-the-45-label variety. Those, we usually just take down, as they fail to bring anything new or useful to the table. However, what we much prefer to find while trolling the web are efforts made to pay real tribute to a track on a Numero compilation, with a deeply personal statement. Usually, these types of tributes are paid to the major chart hits of today, or major chart hits of the past that we are all collectively embarrassed about. Some of these achieve some sort of viral success. But, like the original Numero artists before them, these webstars toil in obscurity. We hope to shed a little light on them today!

Vintage youtube; a stripped down, solo version of a classic song, certainly Numero’s most lauded and classic single release.

Flaw: if you had a second dude playing the back of a guitar like a conga, it goes a surprisingly long way. Observe.

Featured comment: mmdr bien joué la ptite fin crapule [whatever that means]

Another youtube cliche, find the cutest kids in the world and get them to sing a heartwrenching song. No trip to the dentist office necessary.

Flaw: none, really, except this could’ve been huge with the involvement of a cute kitty.

Featured comment: OMG. [Also, the only comment.]

Would youtube even exist if not for videos of girls dancing? Would the internet? Was video invented for any other purpose? You can ponder these age-old questions on your own, but no visit to youtube is complete without stumbling across one of these ubiquitous dancing video.

Flaw: Nothing about this isn’t flawed, but if we have to pick just a few: It’s pretty mundane, the dancer is clearly not dancing to the music featured with the video, and the footage appears to loop several times.

Featured comment: none. It’s just a sad, pathetic little video.